✨ Reviewers on Instagram 💕

Hiya! Hope you all are doing great amidst the Christmas chaos :hearts: :christmas_tree: :santa_dance:

I have a question for you guys. Do you know any instagram accounts that do reviews on episode stories? I was thinking of writing them down here to help smaller authors with more ways to get recognized, i.e. getting reviewed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let’s help each other out!

Here’s some reviewers! (sorry if you don’t want to be tagged, dm and I’ll remove!) :blob_hearts:

  • @epi_galaxy
  • @epistory.squad
  • @thewhitenotebook.episode
  • @episode_assistance
  • @epiappreciated
  • @epi.mayi
  • @epi5
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epi_galaxy and epistory.squad on IG does reviews!

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Heres the link

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episode assistance

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@epiappreciated do shout-outs and reviews



@epi.mayi or @epi5

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Awesome, I’ll add them to the list :star_struck:

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