Reviewing covers

A few days ago I uploaded my cover to episode for my story, but it still says “pending” is it supposed to take this long? Someone said it took them like 5 mins after they re-uploaded it and I tried that, but it didn’t work…

A few days ago in one of my accounts, I uploaded 3 backgrounds in a row and all of them got reviewed within like 5 minutes.

The first thought that came to my mind.

omg im a vip


It usually takes 3 days after the time you uploaded the image. Episodes needs time to review the image making sure it’s appropriate and consists with the guidelines of the site.

Ok thanks lol


Haha you must be one of the lucky ones cuz I’ve been sitting here for like 4 days waiting for this reviewwwww

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I waited nearly two weeks once. Then the last time I uploaded covers they were approved in minutes and I didn’t get a confirmation email or anything. I just went in to check something and noticed that they were approved lol.

Oh that sounds so annoying… I really want to upload my story now because my chapters are waiting to be uploaded, but I don’t wanna upload without the covers lol

Wow really?

You can still uploaded tho, you’ll just have to update when yourcover is accepted.