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A Summer to die for

Plot - The plot was a bit rushed as the MC barely knew Benji, yet she decided to go with him to get food. This could have been done a bit differently and it wouldn’t be that awkward. Overall, this story is intriguing and it makes me interested in knowing what happened.

MC - I’d like to see the MC have some character development in future episodes but she was well introduced and she is somewhat relatable.

Sc (side characters) - I love the SC’s and their introductions. I do see them being a friend-group in future episodes. They were all well introduced.

Overall - This story is unique and the cliffhangers are spot on! It makes me interested in knowing what happened with the murder and who the culprit is. The pace is also done very well as nothing is rushed. However, I’d like to see why the MC and everyone else is interested in solving the murder. How and why are they deciding to try and figure out details? This would help the plot develop a bit better.

This story is a 4.5/5 !

I wish you the best on your writing journey on episode ! <3

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Thank you so much! This was super helpful!

Thankyou so much for the advice :sparkling_heart:

Treasure in you

Plot - Okay I have to say this right off the bat… this story is really different from other adventure stories I’ve read. This story seems really lighthearted and fun to read, with an added tinge of mystery and sparking romance. I love it!

MC - I absolutely love how you presented the MC and her hobbies. It flowed really well with the story and I adored her! (Especially when she hit him with the broom.)

Sc (side characters) - There aren’t any side characters but I’ll talk about Chuck as a SC just to talk about his character. I love how you also presented Chuck and are giving the readers an opportunity to learn more about him as the story progresses. Well done!

Overall - I will most definitely keep reading this story. It is super lighthearted and I love the pace of it. I also like the tinge of slow-burn going on between Phoebe and Chuck. Directing was well done as well and so was narration.

This story is a 5/5 !

I wish you the best on your writing journey on episode ! <3

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Ohmygosh thank you! Your feedback means a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I appreciate you taking your time in reading Treasure In You! :heartpulse:

Nysla Falls

Plot - The plot itself was unique in the sense that it starts off with the MC’s grandma telling her stories about a magical place. I sort of wished you went into more background of the MC and why she might have been the chosen one along. This would help thicken the plot and make it more easy to follow. Providing history can help readers understand why the MC is special and also how the grandma knew that it was a real place.

Sc (side characters) - The SC’s are interesting as they have distinct personalities but I feel like they should be developed more better. By this I mean slowly introducing them as the story progresses would create a better introduction to the characters.

Overall - This story has a lot of potential if it can be slowed down and written more thoroughly. By this I mean not rushing the important parts of the story. For instance, when the MC got transported into the other realm, this could have happened later in the story to create suspense. The romance that was building between the MC and the brothers could have been slowed down as well to create the tension that you want them to have. This would help slow down the pace of the story and help make more room for scenes and character development.

This story is a 3.9/5 !

I wish you the best on your writing journey on episode ! <3

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