Reviewing Stories: Grammar, Style, Plot Help!

Hello, this is Amaterasu and I would like to help you with your story grammar, style, punctuation, plot points, and whatever else you might need, you name it. So, if you’re interested, we can do like a read for review or review for review since I have a story out at the moment. However, this is mostly for me to help you and get to know you all a little better :smiley:

But what credentials do I have you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. English is my first language (though not my only one–I can help with Spanish a bit if you need it). I’m actually an English tutor so there’s that. I love writing, grammar and literary criticism. I also used to give reviews back in the day on the forums and I think many people enjoyed the feedback I gave.

So, if you’d like to do a read for review, or review for review, or if you ask nicely (lol) you can just request a review.

I can give you an in-depth review or I can just hit some highlights. I’ll focus on grammar, writing and consistency, but if you really want more style and plot help please let me know. I will tell you what I think is outstanding about your story as well as what I personally liked. I will also give you recommendations/suggestions on potential improvements.

Please remember, at the end of the day (aside from grammar of course) nothing is set in stone and my feedback isn’t everything. Ultimately, it’s an opinion. This will be honest feedback, but it won’t be rude or condescending. We are all here because we have stories to share, so I’ll just help you if you want some help expressing it! I’m still learning, too so yeah. Feelings won’t be hurt; let’s get better together :smiley:

My story:

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Hello! I was hoping you could do a review of my story! I’m kind of stuck on where to go right now, so seeing what I’m missing now plot wise would really help. I know I have plans for exciting points further into the story but it’s the weird in-between of how to make an interesting story until I get there. I definiely wouldn’t mind reading or reviewing your story in exchange, even though I’m not really armed with an kind of credentials. I’m fairly new to Episode, writing, and coding. Unnecessarily long story short, would you mind reading and reviewing my story?

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I would like to do a read for review but we already did a r4r

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Of course! Definitely! I would be happy to have a review, too. :smiley:

Weaving together the exciting parts with a meaningful thread is such a struggle; I totally get that and would be happy to help where I can!

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No problem! I’d be happy to read again and hone in on details this time.

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Okay yes, thank you. I would love to do the r4r again (;

Thank you so much! I’ll read your story as soon as I can!

Great! I’ve already started and will have your review for you sometime tomorrow! I really like it so far.

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@chy.writes Hello, I’ve finished your review. I will provide some highlights of my review here and pm you the in-depth review. I’ve just decided I’ll do it in third person so it feels like a newspaper review lol and so if anyone stops by, they can learn about your story:)

So, Knights and Mages: The Revolution is a phenomenal story so far and I would highly recommend it.

The author Chy.writes has an exceptional command of language and spins an engaging fantasy/action story worth reading!

Characters are multilayered, complex, and simply interesting. The author combines themes of friendship, royal and political intrigue, and the struggles of class distinctions in a way that blend seamlessly for a great experience. Furthermore, the dialogue is well-crafted and often laced with a creative sense of humor.

Easily one of the best written, intriguing, and promising stories I’ve ever read on Episode!

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I love this! I’m so honored that you would speak so highly of my story, especially as a relatively new Episode author. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and this feedback is so invaluable!

@ciaraxoxoc Hello, I’ll be giving you your review today.

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thank you!

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@ciaraxoxoc Cherii’s Rebels in the Lake offers interesting characters and an engaging plot. After being denied justice, main character Ciara takes the law into her own hands, becoming a police officer with the goal of solving the mysterious murder of her parents years ago.

Choices matter and the author uses a creative mix of mini-games and directing to accentuate this winding mystery/thriller plot. The author offers a realistic treatment of bereavement that I find especially tasteful. If you’re looking for a mystery where your choices will affect the outcome, I would recommend checking out Rebels in the Lake.

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Hi! I’m revamping the 4 first chapters of my story and they should be out next week, can I reach out to you then for the review? I’m adding a lot of new backgrounds that I think make the story better so I wanted to wait to have it reviewed then. Thank you for the opportunity!

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Yes, of course!

Thank you! I’ll bookmark this post and PM you or reply here when it’s out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you so much for the shoutout :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here’s the link if anyone wants it:

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