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Hi doll faces :heartpulse:.
I would love to review some stories if you want a review. (i’m not an expert - nor am I an expert when it comes to spelling) :sweat_smile:.
This is an easy way for your story to get views. so why not? :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀.
I prefer Limelight - although I will read your ink stories (min of 3 episodes).
Before I go.
I promote small authors and favorite stories of mine on my instagram. Liyah.Episode - I normally do them randomly, but I will post them if you request me too.
Read for Read Link.
(You don’t have to do a read for read) Just simply put your story down below.
• Story Name
• Author Name (Episode App)
• Chapters (Episodes)
• Instagram Name
• How many episodes do you want me to review?
• Description
• Do you want me to promote on instagram? (Must read my story for this and must screenshot me a photo, proving you read it min 3 episodes)
• Style
• Cover
• Link
• Do you want feedback in PM or down below?


Currently: Behind Closed Door by @Januva
Currently: Ina a Starry Night by @Fatima_Alstar23

Waiting List
Completed Reviews.

Hale Huna by @AnonymousAuthor1
MC: The Bar on 23rd by @Dr.Smile07
Angel CC by @MackenzieWritesIG
Vip Brother:Love is by @Megz_Episode
Make Me Feel Alive by @JiangShi
Rich Girls Cry Too by @avajosefine


thanks so much!

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MC: The Bar on 23rd
• Author Name (Episode App) Dr.Smile
• Chapters (Episodes) 3
• Instagram Name
• How many episodes do you want me to review? 2 is fine
• Description
Social anxiety wrecked Blade’s life, but an encounter with a stranger at the bar wrecked it even more by motivating him to get his dream job back?
• Do you want me to promote on instagram? ( Must read my story for this)
Sure. I’ll send you screenshots.
• Style

• Cover
• Link

• Do you want feedback on instagram, PM or down below?
Down below.

Thank you!

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I have wanted a person to review my story for ages and I think that it is so nice that you are doing this!

Story Title: Angel * CC *
Author: MackenzieWrites
Chapters: 4
IG Username: mackenziewritesepisode
I’d love if you could review all 4 episodes but the first 3 will do if that is your preference.
Story Description: When faced with two choices of past or future, will Angel be able to accept the truth and use her powers when she has to make her final decision?
Style: INK
Story Cover:

I will read your story if you promote mine on IG :slight_smile:
I’d like the feedback in my IG dm’s please x


Hale Huna.

Episode 1

Elliott’s Story.
•Layer issue. Kendall walks through Elliott. Try moving Kendal to layer 3.
•After character is speaking. Try this; &KENDALL is idle_handsonhips_loop or anything (idle)
•Mom and mother, same with dad don’t have to be capitalized UNLESS it’s the start of a new sentence or you are using the first name.
Tom’s Story.
•Ellen and Tom pops in. try &ELLEN stands screen back right AND ELLEN faces left (same with tom). For a smoother transition, put @transition after you placed the characters.
•Speech bubble placement make sure you play around with that. Always make sure you @speechbubble reset and under that the correct placement for the character.
•Use more @transitions (its looks better).
Connor’s Story.
•Again… Characters are popping in.
•Connor is floating (in the air) when he comes in Kendall’s room. Try; spot Connor off the screen and then have him walk to spot.
•“we’re fearless, sassy, and bad bitches!”
•When dad says to go choose your room. Instead of doing @cut to zone #, try @pan to zone #. Then do @pause for a beat
•“Holy” doesn’t have to be capitalized because it’s not a name or place and because it’s in the middle of the sentence.
•Dashes (-) are used when you are running out of space or when you do no want to keep writing on one line.
•When Kendall is on the beach, you forgot to zoom back on her, so the speech bubble is on Adrian rather than her.
•Speech bubbles are everywhere but, on the person, talking.
•Party scene. The background character in the grey is floating. Also, you should give the characters some animations.
•Scott and Kendall pops in the scene
•“Rhymes with hot” lol that was funny.
•Adrian is a creep lol. Just standing there… eavesdropping.
•The story behind “Hale Huna” could use a lot of work. Same with directing it.
•For the question templates, move the speech bubble down, so we can see the whole splash.

  • Sometimes they’re paused for a long time.
Episode 2

•Tom is really fun, - change to “Tom is really fun.” Or “Tom is really fun –“or “Tom is fun.”
•For the flashback. Try adding filters. It will look better and give the readers a better experience.
•Speech bubbles are all over the place.
•When the characters are exiting. Make them walk to spot off screen. Example; @CHAR walks to spot 123 456 -345 in zone 3
•How did she know how to open the door? Especially since this is all new to her… maybe add that in there?
•I don’t understand. The fairy was confused what Kendall, Scott, and Adrian were. Then Kendall tells the fairy her name, and suddenly, she knows who she is?
•This reminds me of Once a upon a time.
•When Kendall is talking to Tom in his bedroom, Kendall is floating.
•Ariel and Belle. You should spot them in.
•Limelight boys are shorter than the girls. You might want to play around with spot directing.
•The background characters are walking on the tables.
•Adrian and Scott are jealous lol. It’s been 5 minutes, calm down boys.
The story has potential, I like Kendalls. She’s awkward,corny and cute.
All the things I listed carry out throughout the episodes. You might want to go back in and fix them.
(Completely optional)

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thank you so much, the characters were supposed to ‘pop’ in the scenes when we’re playing their stories, it was totally intentional.

I never noticed most of the errors you pointed out, so thank you, i’ll go back and fix them!

She knew how to open the door because the boys saw how the fairy did it and told her

Once she knew who Kendall was, she understood that she was the chosen one, but obviously since she didn’t know who she was at first, she didn’t know what they were.

are you going to review more?

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Oh shit I just seen that you wanted me to PM you.
You want me to move it into PM?

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oh no it’s okay lol

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I figured the fairies was supposed to pop in. .
I was meaning more the humans.
I read up to 4. I’m waiting for passes.
Do you want me to review the rest? I can. i’m still going to read.
My apologizes

and i would love more reviewing if you don’t mind!

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The Bar on 23rd

Episode 1

•Great backgrounds.
•Great use of overlays.
•You might want to spot Mr.Wandrasuliwanka speech bubble closer to him and higher.
•How do you pronounce Wandrasuliwanka?
•Ooo bish, I got promoted.
•“Either take it or your fired”. I mean damn…
•Love the background characters. (I need to take notes.)
•The bar scene. (in the top, the layering is a bit off.) It’s not noticeable.
•When describing the beautiful blonde, you might want to move the speech bubble down a bit.
•FIRST. Blade is zaddy. It doesn’t get no better than that.
•Blade is me. I am Blade.
•“I would take drinks over sex any day.” Same except change drinks into food and i’m GOOD.
•Over the shoulder camera action… Teach me.
•“Love is like death but for suckers.” I love THIS!!
•Ay, she liked me.
•Blade sweetie. Never get a tattoo with someone’s name on it. Lesson 101.
•I love the girl and Blade. I relate to them so much.
•When the music started playing, I thought it was stomach lol. (side bar)
DAMNNNNNNN! Way to kill the mood. Sheesh.

Favorite moments. It was captured so beautifully.

Episode 2

Pays 5 gems to skip the ads.
•Oh shit, she’s a boss bitch!
•The flashback with Blade and Angel in the bathroom. I tried to screenshot. It was funny.
•Angel is loyal. I like him.
•I’m glad that wasn’t a mini game because sis I am clumsy.!
•We just left the girl in the locked room? Lol
•“This one smells a bit funny, but it wasn’t on the floor” Not much choice here. contemplate which one to choose.
•“I’ll just let it bleed.” LOL
•The speech bubble is blocking his face during his monologue.
•“I have a doorbell… LMFAO”
I hope your of age, cause lawd my language…

Episode 3

•Alright so look, I hate ink. But why am I enjoying this story?!?! What did you do to me?
•OHHHH my gosh. Blade in a gang? DAMNNN talk about a twist.
•Daniel about to catch these hands.
•I totally made a dirty joke out of “keyhole” LOL.
•Daniel seems nice…
•Damn I picked a terrible choice.
Does this count as feedback? If I am pretty much just fangirling?

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Lol. I wasn’t expecting you to like it this much. Thank you for telling me the layering issue, I didn’t know until like now (will fix it). WAAANDRASOOLEEWAAANKAAA. The speech bubbles might have to wait a bit (because they get on my nerves sometimes), but I’ll fix them too. Thank you for the helpful feedback, and I’ll get to your story too (I hope yet will). You made me laugh, and I don’t laugh.

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i’m glad i did!
to be honest, i was going in thinking i’m not going to like this. but first 2 seconds in and i’m like omg this is great. & thank you. take your time to read my story whenever. and keep up the good work.
i’m going to follow you on instagram.

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(I also filled out your request form and will read your story as soon as possible. ^^ 1-2 days max.)

• Story Name: Make Me Feel Alive
• Author Name (Episode App): JiangShi
• Chapters (Episodes): 5
• Instagram Name: jiangshi.episode
• How many episodes do you want me to review? 5
• Description: He has a gorgeous face, a hot body, and a shocking secret hidden behind his mesmerizing pair of almond-shaped eyes. And oh, dear Lord, he’s just moved next door!
• Do you want me to promote on instagram? ( Must read my story for this) Yep ^^
• Style: Limelight


• Link:
• Do you want feedback on instagram, PM or down below? On IG

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I’ll do yours right after i finish with the ones i’m reviewing now.

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Story nameVip Brother:Love is…
**Authors name **Megz_episode
Instagram namemegz_episode7997
How many episode you want me to review3 are enough
DescriptionA story about 16 celebrities who enter the house of Big Brother uder 24/7 surveillance for 2 months to win the prize of 500 000$, but before that they have to go through all challenges of Big Brother.
I would like you to promote my story.
I would like to DM me on instagram if you can.

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i’m finishing up your review later on today.
if you still want me to?

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yes please

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• Behind Closed Doors
• JessDeBest
• 7 (Episodes)
• iwrite.stories
• 4, but i’d appreciate if u read all 7.
• College is all fun and games until you discover what’s behind closed doors. Students disappear one by one, and you’re going to get to the bottom of it.

• no, i dont mind no promotion
• ink
• (new one, unapproved) char by @/EllasStorys !


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@Megz_Episode & @JiangShi
both of your stories are in review.
& @Januva - once I am half way through with those two stories, you will be up next.
Question: Do you want me to review all 7 or just 4?
(I don’t have unlimited passes, so that’s why it’s been a while, plus I am also doing other things)