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Review of Fantastical: Black Shadow

I am blown away, literally…
Your story is heavenly, the directing, the animation, the narration.
Dang it I wish I was as talented as you, the splashes at the beggining were breathtaking.
I wanted to find some flaws and try to help but apparently I’m the one who needs help with my silly story. You don’t need anyone to review it it’s flawless I literally thought I was watching a movie not reading Episode.
Wow…wow :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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TITLE: Confidential
AUTHOR: Victoria Smith (@victoriajoy_episode)
GENRE: Drama/Romance
DESCRIPTION: You are in a secret relationship. The relationship is hard to manage when you are in love with your best friend while your boyfriend is still maturing. Who will you choose?


  • Full character customization
  • Limelight
  • Major choices
  • Mature drama
  • Unique story
  • original backgrounds
  • Love story with drama
  • Welcomed feedback

CHAPTERS: 3 chapters are out, more coming soon

Thanks, I will do something on that😉glad you enjoyed

I couldn’t find your story, sweetie. Please send me the link again :heart:

REVIEW of Quiet Confidence by Winter05 with S.Dsana :slight_smile:
1 First, I loved the splashes at the beginning.
2 I loved the intro and the narrations especially from Angel’s point of view.
3 The spot directing and zooms are amazing and they made me enjoy the story a lot.
Your story is amazing, the idea and the way the events are build up is on point.
You should go on with it bc honestly I am going to continue reading it :heart::heart_eyes:

OMG, you are really making me blush here…:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Thank you SO MUCH for your very kind words, I feel very honoured and happy!


You should be your story is flawless :heart_eyes:

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I’d love it if you could check out my story Last Dance.

:heart: :heart:

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Thank you! I will add it to my reading list!


Wow!! Thank you so so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!! :blush::heart:


Hey! I’d love some feedback :slight_smile:

Title: Revival
Author: Grace S
Style: Ink
Description: Lillian Hayes is a professional criminal in a futuristic society. What happens when a mysterious boy challenges everything she’s ever known?

Here is a little review of mine! Hope you can read it!

Title: The Nation D: Moon Eyes
Author: P Marroquín
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Description: Heather has no parents, she is trapped in a place were she can’t go out and were she has to work everyday or else the leaders will kill her, but what happens when her best friend (which is a boy) and his dead sister offer her a way to get out of there for good and start a brand new life…! Where’s your new destination? And what dark secrets does it hide? Will you finally find answers to your past?

Sounds so interesting, I know I’m gonna love it.:heart:

I would love you to read mine i know its good and funny just needs reads so others can read

I only jave 43 reads :frowning:

If you could read the first four chapters, that would be amazing! Thank you so much :blush:

Title - Beautiful Broken Lies
Author - Hannah & Carly
Genre - Drama (also a comedy, mystery & romance)
Style - ink
Instagram - harly_episode
Description - Elena’s life seems perfect. Partying, boys, friends, you name it. That is until a dark tragedy changes her life forever. What is the truth? Will it break her?
Link -


Hi! Please check out my story too. :blush::wink:

Title: Puppy Love
Author: Lou
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance w/ a touch of Fantasy (but i put it in the fantasy section)
Episodes: 4 ongoing
IG: @authorlou.episode

Why should you give this story a read?
Well I know it’s title appears to be so cliche but don’t be fooled 'cause it’s beyond what you expected. Find out what it feels like to be in a dog’s feet by reading Alli’s thoughts. Will Jason be able to admit his true feelings for Alli after finding out she’s his puppy?

REVIEW OF REVIVAL by Grace S :purple_heart:
1 The narration is on point. It’s really well done honestly I loved it !
2 Great spot directing, it sure took you a long time for the making but it definitely paid off.
3 I loved the little game :revolving_hearts:
4 Wonderful zooms.*
I know this isn’t much of a review I just pointed out the things I liked, you know I created this thread to help new authors with their first stories and trust me yours has nothing to do in here. You’re a pro and you really don’t need reviews. Anyways, I for sure will continue reading the story.
GOOD LUCK :purple_heart::purple_heart::grin:

Thanks a bunch for doing reviews!

Details - A romantic tragedy set in a Renaissance Era fantasy world involving vampires and other fantastical creatures.
Title - Bite Me
Author - Rosalind
Episodes - 4 (ongoing, and 4 is still being written)
Description - Haunted by the mistakes of her ancestor, Elizabeth enters a world of dark politics and supernatural beings. Will she find romance among the tragedy? Or will it bleed her dry?
Link -

I haven’t published anything yet, nor do I intend to until I’ve got five complete chapters. That’s probably going to take me awhile, because I’m still new to episode and the coding thing has me on a bit of a learning curve any time I try to do something new. Thanks again for reviewing!