Reviews everyone's welcome


Hello! I’d be happy to review your story
The only condition is that you’ll review mine :slight_smile:
You can send me your review to my instagram name:mcmplepisode
And I’ll leave a review for you wherever you want me to just tell me.
Thanks for all the helpers.
Name of the story :Upside Down by MCMPLL
You can review however you want.


I would like a review but don’t have time to review yours (need to write 1 more episode for the contest!)


No problem, just drop a link and I’ll review


Thank you! I will review yours after I finished the contest story!

It is the contest story I am working on with @BadassSaasha.
You are only able to review the first 2 episodes right now!
Oh and episode 2 is getting an better ending :joy:


I liked the story and I’m very interested to find out more, the directing of the story is awesome! Great work. I don’t have anything that bothered me during the story.


Thanks! Not a single thing that could be improved?


I’m a new writer myself so I don’t have a lot of experience. I didn’t notice something that you can fix



Duplicate topic of one you previously created. Closed.