Reviews For Stories


I joined Episode recently (Early June), and I just now learned about the Forums… but when I was reading episodes made by episode itself I kinda liked reviewing them. I plan on becoming an episode reviewer. Would anyone support me? :smile:


Yes! :blush:

And I think everyone else would!


Loads of people love reviews of their stories! As long as you’re honest yet not rude, people love getting feedback! :slight_smile:


You can review my story it’s my 1st one so any help/advice would help me out…



Yes! :smile:


Send your stories to my instagram i’ll read all of them by 3 AM


I would definitely support because story reviews help authors grow :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d like to get a review!
Name of story: No changes after a year…
Author: Teddy’s Dollhouse
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Style: INK
Episodes: 2
Description: Zen had a beautiful childhood until he was 10 years old with his father but after meeting a beautiful women who claims to be his true mother everything changes.