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Hello, I would love to review your story.
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I will read 3 Episodes and give you the review.
Please do not rush me.
What I need
Your link and if you want me to post here or message you.
How I review.
I do a point system.
So like this.
Does the plot match the story /10
Sound /10
Choices /10
Directing /10
Grammar /10
Thoughts on the story:
Overall score /50
Waiting list

  1. @MayLaugh starting soon
  2. @shaharPie
  3. @episodeans
  4. @episodes_bylex
  5. @Lynai
    Also if it’s a story I really like I’ll share on my Instagram so leave your Instagram if you have one.

I would love to get a review to improve my story…

Here’s my story link and IG
Instagram : roy_episode

You can post here or dm whatever you like… It will make no difference to me…
Hope you like it!

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Sure I’ll start it know :blush:

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I don’t have my story published yet but would you mind reviewing the first episode only?

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Yes that’s fine :blush: just leave the link

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Does the plot match the story 10/10
Sound 8/10
Choices 10/10
Directing 7/10
Grammar 10/10
Thoughts on the story: Overall you have a great story. There were times like when the gun goes off you could have used sound things like that. Also, I would work on layering with overlays. Here is some of the overlay layering I saw:

The last thing I would say needs work is when you spot direct. like when Roy was younger and she exits and enters a room you should spot her off the screen and do &Roy spot (the numbers) AND ROY faces left/right then have her walk to spot this will keep her same size and not get big then little.
Overall score 45/50

Im going to share on Instagram also :blush:

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Title: Perfectly Aligned

Only the first chapter is mostly done so I’ll let you just read that one. :grin:
And dms please for the review.
Oh and Insta is: baleigh.writes

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Sounds good now I can’t share it since it’s not published but ill follow you :blush: going to read now

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Thanks! :grin:

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Just finished :blush:

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If you do mine you can post here. Thx in advance :blush:

Lost Summer Love

Crazy love. Wacky friends. Unnecessary drama. How will Evan and Sierra make it through this crazy thing called, life

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Yes I can :blush: it will be tomorrow as it’s 2 am so I am off to bed.

Hey there, I would love to get to know your opinion :slight_smile:
You can post it here <3

My details:
My Story:
Author: May Laugh
Title: Trouble Twins
Instagram: maylaugh_episode
Genre: Adventure
Episodes : 11 (going on)
Style: Ink
Always standing up for each other through thick and thin, that’s what these twins are about. Will they master to face the intrigues, the chaos and mysteries together? Trouble ahead.
Link: [ ]

Small Cover:

Large COVER:

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Of course.:blush: I’ll add you to the list.

My Instagram is shahar.episode
Here’s the link

And I don’t mind posting here :blush:

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I’ll add you :blush:

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Please review mine :smile:

Title: Going Back Home

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Of course😊 I’ll add you to the list.

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You can post it here or send me a dm.

Title: Before You Say I Do

Author: leximarie1220

Style: LimeLight

Genre: Romance

Description: Grace has been in love with her best friend for as long as she can remember. What happens when he gets engaged before she tells him? Will his brother help her “Forever Hold Her Peace” or will she have to “Speak Now”?



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Does the plot match the story 10/10
Sound 10/10
Choices 10/10 (we have outfit choices and CC)
Directing 9/10
Grammar 10/10
Thoughts on the story: I am loving your story. It’s amazing so far. There were a few speechbubbles over the characters faces and a few tails not pointing to the right character. Also with the new guidelines so that your story doesn’t get reported by somebody I personally don’t mind because I feel like the words you did use in the way you use them was fine but your curse words they had to be like this Sh** fu** he** a** because of the new guidelines. But I love this story I will be sharing it on my Instagram.
Overall score 49/50
Please leave me you Instagram so I can tag you :blush:

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