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So I am in the process of rewriting one of my older stories, chock full of choices, and this is not a simple revamp, I plan on completely redoing the whole thing without losing much of the first few chapters, (I actually combined the first 6 chapters into 2.5) but I want to change some plot points, as well as the arrival of some characters who play somewhat of a major role in the story, I have been working on this for months and seem to get sidetracked; I tend to find myself once again pushing it to the back burner, and writing chapters for my current stories, I know there are some people waiting for this story, it’s not huge, but it has garnered some reads, and I get fan mail constantly asking about updates… Can anyone provide tips on how they would handle a situation like this, I don’t want to scrap the story, I just want to get it back up to speed without spending any more months putting it off.


Hey, it’s okay- don’t let your fans pressure you! Tell them that it’s been really difficult for you to revamp… a true fan will understand that you need some extra time.

Try taking a deep breath, and think about what’s causing you to do this. Oftentimes people procrastinate because of an insecurity or a worry they have. Is school/work stressing you out? Are you under a lot of pressure? Has something happened recently which makes you feel this way? It sounds like you’re under lots of pressure, but I don’t want to make assumptions, so I’ll let you think about this for a bit.

Once you recognize this, take another deep breath and ask yourself what you need to do to overcome this. This might be done by confiding in a good friend, to taking a nap to soothe your worries.

Good luck! Hope it helps. :relaxed:


I’m currently in the process of rewriting my Classic story into Limelight, and what keeps me going is my desire to see the story played out in its best version possible. I’m adding every single trick I know into the story and I’m just so excited to finish it and see how much better it is.

And that’s kind of my advice right there.

If you’re unmotivated or feel like pushing it back, don’t force yourself to write it. You should not feel obligated to do it just because readers are waiting. And if it really is something you want to do and want to publish, then just work on it as you feel like it and as you have the desire. Otherwise if you force yourself to work on it and publish before you’re ready, you could end up disliking it after having such high hopes. :heart:


It’s not that I don’t want to write it, I guess I am just worried about ruining what people liked about it, or screwing up the branches and such, I know I can do a lot better on it since it was my first story, and my last 3 stories has me beeming with pride, I just find myself staring at the script, previewing it, changing one thing and then literally closing out of it and ripping 3 new chapters 1 for each new story I have been writing… LOL :sigh:

That makes complete sense :slightly_smiling_face: and in that case I’m not sure what advice I could give, other than don’t over think it too much? Let the improved writing and directing come naturally. And don’t stress so much over keeping it exactly the same for the readers sake. Depending on the story, changes might actually be needed. In my story, I don’t need to make changes to the plot, rather I just need to up the directing. But I’ve read plenty of revamps where the main point was still basically the same, but they completely reworked the story and it was still just as enjoyable :blush:

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