Rewriting A Story

Do you guys ever read your story and think that it’s trash. So you rewrite it over and over again. I just read my first 3 chapters and honestly I hate it! So I’m going to revamp my story before I release it in a few months. I need to add in overlays and better backgrounds, and flashback scenes. I have so much to do in my story. I’m really hoping that readers will enjoy my story. AAAAAHHHHH! So much work but I love writing. :grimacing::scream:

omg same, im always like what was a doing, this is horrible. as time goes on i get better at writing and coding so i always look back and i’m like ew what is that :upside_down_face::joy:

Ikr! Some of my scenes are looking crazy and my characters are in the wrong spots. I just get so frustrated with writing :upside_down_face::dizzy_face:. Mainly I have no overlays and I never use them. Omg it’s crazy.

im a huge critic to myself hehe. guess we’ll never be fully happy with our work. my char development isn’t good. i get frustraed with writing too argh. overlays are amazing really up your story :):heart_eyes:

I’m still trying to figure out what overlays I want to use and it’s so difficult. I get a headache just thinking about it.

Yes, I’ve done this twice and am working on a third time lol

Lol yea i’m just trying to make it better and add more choices. I am missing so much in my story and it is totally trash but I’m revamping it to make it better

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It’s worth it once you do!

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Yea it really is

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I have done this like 3 times but now I’m proud of where my story is going

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