RFR: Colors of the wind (Shut down!)

SHUT DOWNHey guys! I’m opening up an RFR… or READ FOR READ. I’ll read your story if you read mine.
Title: Colors of the wind
Author: Kayley Rayne
The forum doesn’t except my background so I’ll just describe it. They are being sucked into a portal and there are 3 girls.
The story is about a foster girl named Aurora who had to deal with abuse. She gets a new foster family but doesn’t believe it’s really a family. Just a house to live in for a year. Will she make a real family again, or stay lonely?
Hey! This is shut down but the people that already asked, I will get to you!


let’s do r4r! here’s my story :sparkling_heart:

Author name: Mistletoe
Instagram: @episode.mistletoe
Style: Limelight
Genre: Adventure (and some fantasy later on)
Description: You enroll in Aequor Academy, thinking it would be a normal, boring summer. But when you come across a secret room, you discover there’s so much more to the academy than it seems.

  • customization
  • choose LI gender
  • mini-games
  • advanced directing
  • point system
  • choose body type


Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5895955347079168

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Oooh cool!

reading it now!

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this has so many cool things @episode.mistletoe

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Do you want to do r4r?

Title:- Love Confession
Author:- Divya
Episodes:-10 (complete )
Description:- He likes his childhood friend but then she went away. After so many years she is back but she doesn’t remember him.
Does he have the courage to tell her or will it be too late?
Link:- http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6672963447488512

Sure @divya263

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@episode.mistletoe, it does have a glitch on episode 3. When you click on the clue to the baseball bat, and try to get back out by hitting the arrow, it’s right over the baseball bat so I can’t continue the episode. I try to get out by clicking the button but it just says “take the baseball bat” over and over.

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I’d like to do a r4r. :dizzy: :rose:

Title: Squad: Mafia Descent: Price to Pay
Author: LeeLee.Epy
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6068985977962496

(New) Description: Mending Love.Sincere Trust.Reopen wounds & Legal businesses equal a ticket out for the Morenos & the Del Ciellos, but who’s ever escaped the Mafia…without a price to pay?

Genre: Action :Romance/Drama
Instagram: LeeLee.Epy https://www.instagram.com/leelee.epy/
Contains: Choices, Limited “character” Customization, Music & Sounds, Advanced Directing

Episodes: 3

I read your story.

Here’s my story;

Author: Rita_Writes

Title: Squad: Good Vibes Only

Description: A runaway bride, a addict, a brazen girl and an introvert, reunite after years spent apart. Under one roof personalities clash, friendship is tested and love hangs in the balance.


Genre: Drama

Episodes: 3

Style: Limelight

Instagram account: @rita_writes_epi

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6111398657720320

thank you! :sparkling_heart:

i don’t know why this is happening either, some of my beta testers had this problem as well :pensive: however it works fine on my phone. could you send in a support ticket?

okay! @GoldenWaves

I am interested for rfr!

I am willing to do 3 chapters for a start. I will be expecting the ss from you after a week from when i have sent mine and also the vice versa from me as well if u finish it first. If you have ig, pls dm me there if not pm me the ss. If we like each other stories we can proceed for more if u have more that 3 chapters as well.

If you’re okay with all this, i cant wait to read your story!

here’s my story info!

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6531970718957568
Instagram: @epi.enchantress

Please let me know whenever you start reading my story.

oh right @divya263! I actually read all of the chapters!

Thanks but can you send me ss please

You didn’t send me ss?