Rhyming game like never before

Lmao that’s a great question in to which I will answer with yes. yes I will join u :joy::+1:

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Leave it in the past, focus on the future, Today won’t last forever, so go get yourself a new computer.

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A new computer needs money to make it my own, I agree today won’t last forever so I think I have to take a loan.

a loan? the nearest bank is far though
im also not done with my bread dough

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Bread dough, wait bro… I’'m on a DIETTT…!!
You want me to babysit your neighbor’s dog who always bites!!

Bites on the neck, bites on the arms, mosquitoes are everywhere, even on farms!

Farms of cabbage, looks so beautiful and greeny,
If you have a magic lamp, can call the genie?

Genie, genie, I’ve got three wishes, first of all I would like some fishes!

Fishes sound like kisses… I should go now and complete my thesis

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while you are completing, maybe i should go do some cooking?

Cooking for fun cooking in the sun. Cooking everyday makes my tum tum go rum rum

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and yes i’m okay,i just need some some some

so horrible