Rhyming Lines to Make a Story


Hello! It’s me, Lovsicle.

My brother and I made a game when we were bored, and I thought it was a good idea to share it.

So, here’s how it works:

  1. A person will say a line.
    (i.e. “He listened to the waves crash on the shore”)
  2. The person below will have to say another line that rhymes with the last word of the sentence.
    (i.e. “But, he wish it could’ve been more”)
  3. Every four lines, you can change the rhyme OR you can keep it that way. BUT, once you keep it that way, you have to wait for another four lines to change the rhyme.
    (i.e. “My brother sat on the couch”
    “He felt tired, so he started to slouch”
    “Then his elder brother stormed in, with visible grouch”
    “His elder brother spanked him as he screamed ‘ouch’”
    “He pushed his elder brother away from him” OR
    “Afterwards, he left, but the reason for his grouch was what he couldn’t vouch”
  4. The lines have to make sense with the others because all the lines have to create a story together.
  5. Make sure your line isn’t incomplete (incomplete sentences).
  6. The game is endless as this story is open to any possibilities.
  7. If you’re the one who started a new rhyme, and the person below you says there are no rhymes to accommodate their line or gets the line wrong, then you should validate that there can be one by posting a line that rhymes with the line you sent. If not validated, then you have to restart the line and change the rhyme.

So now… I’ll start it off!


His hands were pale.


@Lovsicle And there was hail


@Lovsicle He ate a snail


With kale


He had nothing else to eat.


But then he went and found some meat.


When he got to the meat, he went to beat it up.


But the meat stood up and said, “sup!”


So the boy got up and put him in a cup


THat shortly smashed afterwards behind a pup


The pup then stood up and said so you want to act up


The boy instantly nodded and said yup!


So the pup and the boy went to the store.


To get some more


But he was poor!


They stared at the expensive galore


They couldn’t buy anything and it hurt them to the core


All I wanted a little love, nothing more.


My heart sank from my chest to the floor


Then I heard a knock on the door