Rich people can make the lives of others worse than poor peeps, sometimes

In my opinion; Rich and poor are vastly different, but they both have severe cons.

Like, poor people may have happier families; however the stress of low-

income can cause severe issues, like child abuse, etc., Whereas Rich families can be worse.

In hindsight, if a poor girl gets raped by her dad, her father can still go to jail however if a rich girl gets raped she has a fewer chance in my opinion.

(However, I am sure there is still a chanced because people still have SOME MORALS, Right?) in a particular situation, like if the people that are supposed to rescue her – are greedy, and her dad pays them off,

Not only is justice ripped off of her, but it is also putting her into the dire situation of being raped all over again, and time and time again, Rich can be worse than poor because the rich have more ability to do EVIL things than poor peeps unless the poor people are highly skilled.

If an evil person becomes rich, they can get WAY WORSE THEN WHAT THEY WERE because they have the money to get out of the situation that they’re actions might cause sometimes and sometimes the judges will just LET THEM.

They can pay off a hit-man to come to kill your sister, mother, father, and daughter.

They can abuse their kid and kill their wife and may not even get a prison sentence if they pay enough to keep people quiet.

Whereas poor people may not be able to pay their bills and end up homeless, while being around an abuser, so that seems to be worse, in my opinion, to be looking for a place to stay the night and be raped or beaten there and get beaten up by stupid people, too, Like thugs, etc.

Don’t forget about being hungry all the time, as well.

Rich people can lock their kid up, starve them to death and murder them, the only fear that I have is that they might never get caught…

All in all, actions can make a living situation that is

Supposed to be a good living situation turn into a bad one for another person from the get-go.

So living situations may cause a person to act differently as well once they realize the things that they can do now that the situation has changed.

Creating scenarios for people who are supposed to have a better life, but get a worse one due to the personality of another or one person.

I feel like people look at people with more money and assume the better for them when in reality it could be the worst living in that situation, making you wish that your family could not be rich so that you could just get out of that situation or that at least when you call for help on this one person that someone will help you and not look at the benefits of supporting that one person instead of you, some people are evil and can create worse living situations for others than that of some people.

Some people are looking at the lives of others thinking that it’s so grand, wanting to live like them and be them when in reality, you don’t even know what you are asking! You could be asking to live with a rapist or abuser or just a totally crappy person; you don’t know what kind of life that person, who’s life that you want, actually has because even if they have a crappy life, are they going to tell you? Alternatively, better yet, are they giving you the full story? Are they hiding behind the disguise of having this ~perfect movie life~ when in reality isn’t all that picture-perfect???