Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


in honour of romancegirl, who made the game on the original forums!

i just hadhadhad to make this game because this one was my favourite when i was active in the forums in 2014-2015 and i have a huge jiji complex so i brought it back!

here’s how to play:
all you do is “ban” the person above you for the silliest reason you can come up with.
(don’t worry, you don’t actually get banned)


Person 1: @Person is banned for having the letter “b” in their username
Person 2: @Person 1 is for banned for banning a person
Person 3: @Person 2 is banned for liking cats

start off by banning me for a silly reason!

Reported (Game)
2018 Forums Awards - Fifth Edition: Voting

@anime is banned for giving an example.


@Caitlyn is banned for having a ‘y’ in her name.


@MsBanana is banned for being a banana.


@QueenChid is banned for changing her username


@Kittenlove is banned for loving kittens


@PurpleRose is banned because I can love whatever I want


@Kittenlove is banned for x


@PurpleRose is banned because I have no idea what “x” means.


@Kittenlove is banned for not capitalizing “X”


@jaylen_dwight is banned for not putting a period at the end of the sentence.


@Kittenlove is banned because my brother is going to a birthday party tomorrow.


@PurpleRose is banned because that has absolutely nothing to do with me.


@Kittenlove is banned for loving cats.


@LumTwo is banned because Purple Rose already banned me for that.


Yaaaas the ridiculous bans!

@Kittenlove is banned for loving kittens.


@k.w.episode is banned for having a pretty profile picture.


@Mashia is banned because I am jealous that she is a cupcake in her profile picture.


@southampton23 is banned because I’m willing to share my cupcakes :wink:


@Mashia is banned cause I can’t see if she’s online or not. :confused: