Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)

@SilverStar is banned because I want a donut

@SomePerson is banned because I don’t like donuts.

@LynnIsWritin is banned for not liking donuts. :doughnut::heart:

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@k.w.episode is banned for accusing @LynnisWritin for not liking donuts!

@Dee_Dee1015 is banned because I didn’t accuse her, she herself said she doesn’t like donuts.


Please don’t spam the same post repeatedly as that is against the forum rules. Thanks.

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@Jeremy is banned for appearing everywhere I go on the forums.

@reverie is banned for… ‘banning’ a mod…?

@L375 is banned for being L375.

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@k.w.episode is banned for wearing a white gown in her profile picture…

@danikajsequeira is banned for not wearing white in their profile picture.

ouch …way to go kill me with my own poison…:joy::joy:

@danikajsequeira is banned for not banning anyone in her post.


@L375 is banned for thinking I’m a mod and not an admin :wink:


@Jeremy is banned for being an admin instead of a mod.


@SilverStar is banned because Jeremy was supposed to ban me… :thinking:

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@k.w.episode is banned for being correct :grin:

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@Jeremy is banned for banning me for being correct.

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@k.w.episode is banned because she’s always mistaken as somebody else.

@SilverStar is banned because they forgot to include an example.