Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@leslie.creates is banned for replying to this thread 4 times in a row.


@itdragon is banned for not replying to this thread 4 Times in a row


@24aya is banned for having blue in her profile picture.


@amik is banned for hating da blue in mah pp
welcomeeeee to da forum :star_struck:


@24aya is banned for assuming i hate blue


@amik is banned for not seeing I welcome him/her to forums :sob:


@24aya is banned for another assumption (that i did not see your welcome, which i did, thanks :smiley:)


@amik is banned because not knowing I love to make assumptions :smirk:


@24aya is banned because life’s boring.


@k.w.episode is banned becuase punishining somebody else just cuz your life sicks makes you sick as a person


@Zabica is banned because banning people gives me a joy I don’t get from anything else


@Eleanor_W-15 is banned becuase that would make her a bad lawyer


@Zabica is banned because this is just a game.


@k.w.episode is banned for thinking this game is not allowed to be suerious at any moment.


@Zabica is banned cause my friend and I published a story on Wattpad.


@PurpleRose is banned becuase roses that are purple are too bueatiful to handle


@Zabica is banned for saying she saw purple roses before :scream:


@24aya is banned for not seeing purple roses


@k.w.episode is banned for banning the person I wanted to ban


@Zabica is banned for wanting to ban me