Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@24aya is banned for being offended on the internet


@Zabica is banned for thinking I am offended :v::smiling_imp:


@24aya is banned for deniying she was offended


@Zabica is banned for saying again I am off-end-ed :sob: idunnoknowmyselfwhatiwrote:crazy_face:


@24aya is banned for having three parents… why did you betray me :sob::sob::sob:


@16AngelCat is banned for not counting kw :joy: 4 parents :smirk:


@24aya is banned for keeping me from presenting my new RP-idea … leave me alone ugh


@Zabica is banned for not telling me da coolioo idea :scream:


@24aya is banned for being inpatient


@Zabica is banned because yesssh :sob: just tell me already


@24aya is banned beucase my jerk brother stole my cursor so I couldn’t write it today (a year filled with pranks coming ahead of him)


@Zabica is banned because that’s so cool brother of yours :rofl:


@24aya is banned for liking a mentally defficient, prone to anger, can’t see his own flaws but looks at others, doesn’t forgive a thing, hypocrite person (I’m not exadurating for any of these, jsut so you know)


@Zabica is banned for calling Aya a hypocrite


@jenna1012 is banned for wanting to call me hypocrite :scream:


@24aya is banned for misinterprenting jenna’s words


@Zabica is banned for not interpreting those words goodly for me :upside_down_face:


@24aya is banned for thinking jenna wanted to call her hypocrite when she actually wantem me to call her that.


@Zabica is banned for not calling me hypocrite then :exploding_head:


@24aya is banned for being a hypocrite (there, happy?)