Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@Zabica is banned for listening to me :smirk: (yeshhh, a lot :grin:)


@24aya is banned for beining sarcastically happy when I gave her what she wanted


@Zabica is banned for not understanding I am happy :grin: not saccrastically lamo,I canโ€™t spell


@24aya is banned for not realising I write all my big words with fear of being spelled incorrectly (Is that wven the correct way of spelling incorrectly?)


@Zabica is banned because yeeeeh :rofl: I wrote them incorrectly and says I dunno to spell :joy:


@24aya is banned for faking to be bad at grammar so she can be popular (doesnโ€™t work, you just give an impression that youโ€™re stupid)


@Zabica thinks like that :smirk: I should be prouplar then duh, prouplar? Popular :upside_down_face:


@24aya i think, if you think this is popular, you should stop trying right now


@Zabica is banned because itโ€™s so coolioo :sunglasses::sob::sob::sob:


@24aya is banned becuase that word is too uncool for even me to type it down


@Zabica is banned for saying da word uncool :sob::smirk::upside_down_face:


@24aya is banned for being uncool and then blaiming me when trying to point it out to her


@Zabica is banned for saying I am uncool :sob: :upside_down_face:


@24aya is banned for life


@Zabica is banned for banning me for life?


@24aya is banned cause I put in the wrong word above


@jenna1012 is banned for saying she put a wrong word :scream::scream::scream:


@24aya is banned for having blue in her profile picture.


@annaclaire721 is banned for having a coolioo profile :scream::scream::upside_down_face:


@24aya is banned cause its 2019 :partying_face: