Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@jenna1012 is banned for wanting me to notice it and that’s why wrote it wrongly in first place


@24aya is banned cause everyone makes mistakes, except for me ofcourse :smirk:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned for saying da truth dat she doesn’t make mistake :smirk:


@24aya is banned cause I always say da truth :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because it’s not truth :smirk:


@24aya is banned cause it could be true :no_mouth:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because it could not is true :upside_down_face:


@24aya is banned cause I still truthful and flawlezz :slightly_smiling_face:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because I do believe dat :upside_down_face: flawlezz :smirk:


@24aya is banned for believing me :scream: :grinning:
thats right its flawlezz :smirk:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because I believe her because she is Sofia daughter :scream: (maybe?)


@24aya is banned for believeing me just because of my mom (its sad :cold_sweat:) :sob:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because it makes her my grandmother sister :scream: and my family member


@24aya is banned cause Im already a grandaunt (Im not that old :scream:)


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because she should see family tree :thinking: you are great great (and maybe one more great) aunt to others


@24aya is banned cause Im still young :sob:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because it won’t matter :nerd_face::smiling_imp:


@24aya is banned for making me feel worse :fearful:


@AtlasFlameAi is banned because I want to make her feel old :nerd_face:


@24aya is banned cause don’t wanna be old, I wanna be young :sob: whyyyyyyy :weary: