Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@PurpleRose is banned cuz she banned me :joy::disappointed_relieved:


@Epi.City is banned cause that’s what you’re supposed to do in this game


I surrender :joy:


@Epi.City is banned for not banning me :joy:


@PurpleRose IS BANNED FOR NOT ADDING A punctuation MARK!!!


@Epi.City is banned for adding three exclamation marks.


@PurpleRose Is banned for not capitalizing the first letter in her sentence. :grinning:


@Epi.City is banned for putting a smiley emoji. :upside_down_face:


@PurpleRose Is banned becoz she is nice :ghost::ghost:


@Hellbound is banned for being nice too!


@PurpleRose Is banned becoz she thinks I m nice :ghost::ghost::ghost:


@Hellbound is banned for making me think she had Elsas castle from Frozen on her profile pic


@PurpleRose is banned for not giving up


@Epi.City is banned for thinking that i had Elsas castle from Frozen on my profile pic


@Hellbound is banned because I didn’t play forum games for a long time


@Silver_Shadow is banned because we didn’t talked from ages


@Hellbound is banned because she is right school just started last week and teacher had been giving us late extra “Christmas presents” :persevere:


@Silver_Shadow is banned because she received her gifts late

oh Idk what to say
Getting gifts is definitely something great
But do u hate gifts or something…you might be missing the fun you had in your holidays…


@Hellbound is banned because I love gifts not the ones that you have to write on and hand in though :unamused:


@Silver_Shadow is banned cause I lovvve black and red