Ridiculous Bans - Game (V2)


@PurpleRose is banned because she pretends to be a flower but nobody believes her anyway


There’s no purple rose emoji :sob:


@Claaaire is banned because I am not just a flower, I am the one and only Rose Soup!



It’s the best purple rose emoji I could find from the internet lol :laughing:


Is there an image? I can’t see anything.


Yeah there is, but it’s fine, it’s just a purple rose :smile:


@JemU776 is banned because they tell people they will give them nightmares


@Claaaire is banned for banning @JemU776


@_haruka is banned for having an underscore in their username.


@Silver_Shadow is banned for being hypocritical- you have an underscore too.


That’s a good reason to ban me…but I’ll still be in your nightmares, even if I’m not directly in contact with you :smiling_imp: Joking…


@JemU776 is banned for threatening me


@Claaaire is banned because i’m watching infinity war


@DaydreamiiE is banned cuz I never watched Infinity War


@sofia2 is banned because you should watch it


@DaydreamiiE is banned cuz I might watch it :sneezing_face:


@sofia2 is banned because you better prepare to have your heart broken


@DaydreamiiE is banned because my heart has already been broken too many times while watching movies lmao :laughing:


@sofia2 is banned because same tho :joy:


@DaydreamiiE is banned cuz all I need is chocolate and I’ll be good :relieved: