Ridiculous Things You Believed As A Child?


I believed that gum takes 7 years to digest and i thought that everything used to be black and white, but then someone discovered color… smh :woman_facepalming:


i believed it was illegal to drive with the inside lights on :laughing:


I believed that if you swallowed a black watermelon seed then one would grow in your stomach.


lol i think thats a popular one


i believed if you stepped on a crack you broke your mothers back :laughing:


pfttt lol i never believed that superstition stuff


i was a very gullible 7 years old with 3 older brothers who loved to make me paranoid :laughing:


lol my brother never did that


lucky you.


My mom always counted 1 2 3 if I did something I shouldnt.
She always said if she counts to 3 something bad would happen.
I always ran away when she said “2”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Right I always thought it would be a large explosion or something


I don’t know what I thought.
But I was scared, haha


I believed that my parents always done something with food or drinks on Christmas Eve. I could stay up any other night, but on that day after meal I couldn’t stay awake. So I assumed they done smth. :sweat_smile:


I believed the sky was one straight blue layer. Like once you pass the blue layer, then it’s just the darkness of space instead of a gradual transition.

I believed when a person got the hiccups there was a slice of tomato in the heart that caused it (idek)

I believed there was tiny people manually controlling the processes inside my body.

I believed I would be able to get a good college education for free without falling into crippling debt and find a good paying and fulfilling job in a healthy job market so I could buy things I wanted and needed with that money.



I was a very naive kid. Like once someone asked me if I wanted a sugar daddy. And me being all innocent I was like “Sure!” Because I thought they meant like…a candy? Then this dude screamed to our class and told our teacher that I wanted a sugar daddy, and I started to cry.


I don’t know who said it to me at the time .
But that if I swallowed a seed, there would be a tree growing inside of my stomach.

That really freaked me the first time , when I accidently swallowed a seed from an apple


I tought that the word “fist” was a even worse than bad word and should never even be mentioned, because someone could get upset.


Someone told me the same as well but with gum instead of seeds


I believed twins had telepathic connection which is why they always got the highest grades on tests


I thought Asia was in space.
I also didn’t know that the people in movies (such as The Parent Trap) were actually real people, I thought they were fake.