Ridiculous Things You Believed As A Child?


Some church teacher told me if a boy kissed a girl she will get pregnant :skull:


damn :joy::joy:


HAHAHAH I’m sorry!


:joy: Surprisingly I haven’t heard that one yet…


someone said it earlier up (i think)


Yeah I mean like I never heard that one as a child. :joy:


I believed that. My mom told me that too.




Yeah but knowing me as a child, if I was told that I would have believed it.


same. this is a bs story but once i sat next to this kid and ig i was mean to him bc i didn’t sit next to any of my friends :woman_shrugging: but i was nice to him after a while. and then i never talk to this kid only in class. so my teacher calls me to her desk and asked me if i bullied him during gym. and i said no bc i never talked to him in gym i was always with my friends! but she didn’t believe me so then the next day or in the afternoon the vice principal talks to me in the hallway and asks if i bullied him during gym and of course i start crying and denying it (like i said b4 i only talked to this kid in class) but he didn’t believe me either so they called my mom and when i came home my mom was screaming and lecturing me and she disciplined me by hitting me w a belt. what i find so sad is that none of them believed me… idk if the kid say anything abt me but i admit i was mean to him (but stopped) but i never bullied him in gym class


I believed one time my mom had actually eyes behind her head. :disappointed_relieved:


I believed that someone through potions in outer space to make planets.


I traveled by plane often and I remember asking my parents to go outside with me and walk on the clouds. I also remember being utterly shocked and confused when they explained to me that clouds can’t be walked on and that they’re made of water :cloud: Or that we can’t just step outside a flying plane just like that. Until this day, I still wish I could walk on a cloud.


one time i believed that when you turn off the tv you could watch it later… oh how i was wrong


I believed that drinking tea will make your skin tone black. lol :no_mouth:


That my dreams would come true :frowning:


Okay that is kinda sad, it was a joke okay? :joy::joy:


Well, when I was younger I believed a feather was a good pet.

I gave the feather clothes (piece of cloth wrapped around the feather), bathed it (run it under the tap) and gave it a bed (my glasses case).




When I was little, I always watch Tv so close and my mom would tell me not watch Tv so close, but I wouldn’t listen to her.

Then one day, she say this to me, “If you continue to watch tv so close, the monster will come out and he will take you inside the tv with him.”

I was so scared :scream: and I never watch it so close again lol :sweat_smile:

It was silly of me to believe that :laughing: