Right episode to start character devopment?

So plz write your thoughts and opinions on what is the right episode number to start character development between love interest and MC?

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I would say the very first episode would be the right episode to start development between the MC and LI. It lets readers know what they might expect from your story. It also helps develop both the MC and the LI separately.


It really depends on your story and the pace of your story but I would start it pretty early

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What if there is 2 LI

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I think this will also work (as well as be beneficial) with 2 LIs as well.

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Tysm guys.!!! since I am writing one with 2 it get’s kinda confusing to develop both of the LI!

Well, have them starts out as just beginning in their relationship, give them active outside lives and have the weirdest things happen with them and even strangers, the episode would be 9 as they have to start out with a beginning personality and then as things happen make them change with experiences people will love it as they change and grow.
Keep one Love interest, as if a man sees a woman is being pursued, yes they will pursue more IF THE WOMAN IS ONLY INTERESTED IN HIM, all that “I can’t choose” makes a man yell and then leave, understand, don’t make it sexual, make them look like they are in love, like make it like they support each other and he’s kind to her and she is to him, if she is mean or rude, it’ll turn a man off, and a woman loves a nice man, a man that treats her right, stays out of trouble and would love for him to bring peace and joy to her life.

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Also, women don’t like dirty stuff because it poses health risks and it can cause problems in the relationship, she will also want him to help her in house tasks if they are married.

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If you mean the main character, it should start in the first episode. It can be spanned out, as long as it fits into your plot and doesn’t seem awkward


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I really don’t care, but I think the earlier the better :relieved:

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I think it should start in the first episode. The more you use dialogue to describe the character the better. Whatever you do, just don’t add a huge chunk of narration saying “This is blah blah. She has a great attitude, smart, kind, etc.” then not showing it at all during the story. So use dialogue to express the characters. that’s all x

the first episode of course. it’s all about pacing and knowing when to introduce other chars