Right here I want to have my character to have already been sitting so I can have my new character to sit down and him already be there , can someone help , please? Thanks


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Thank you!

I tried that and it didn’t work🤨

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Can you send a screenshot of what you did?

Okay one second

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And I also did Liam the second one in caps as well and that didn’t work either

Does anyone have any clue ?? Sorry I’m just not used to this

Use & for a more seamless look.
Also, the second ‘liam’ needs to be capitalized.

&LIAM spot # AND LIAM is sit

Oh. I just saw this. That’s super weird. It should work! Try a different animation like idle_sit_neutral_loop or something.

Okay thank you!!! I will try it now

Not working :disappointed:

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You have to spot directing them and then add a sitting animation

@CHARACTER spot x y z in zone x and CHARACTER is (search for the sitting animation you want)

Ok ty I will try that

You need to put numbers not # :slightly_smiling_face:

Any number?

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she means like whatever spot you would want your character haha sorry i didn’t really specify on what to put there

I am so confused :exploding_head: