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Hello, yes I can help, you’d have to use a goto and a label: :black_heart: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos :black_heart: - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

So for ex, you explain instructions for a tennis match:

label explain_game

The rules of tennis are…
bla bla bla…
Do you understand or do you need it repeated?

“I understand”{

}“I need it repeated”{

goto explain_game



Essentially the goto explain_game will take the reader back to label explain_game because a goto leads to a label it shares the same name with.

In this example, the reader is told about the rules however when they’re given the choice of do they understand or need it repeated, if they choose I need it repeated, then the goto within that choice will direct them back to the label it shares a name with (same name), back to the start of the instructions.

You can name your labels and gotos anything (but for example, avoid spaces though, so avoid something like goto red house ← X) You can have many gotos with the same name but only one label (all these gotos can then lead to the same label). Label names can’t be duplicated within one episode (so for example label home, a random label name I’m using as an example, can only be once in episode 1, once in episode 2, and so forth).
You can’t have many labels with the same name in an episode, because then the script will get confused. Once it reaches, for example, goto hair_color, it will direct the reader back to label hair_color but if you have 2, the script will be like, huh, which checkpoint should I go to? But ofc you can have multiple goto hair_color because that’s fine, they can lead to the same label (this is seen in a cc template where the person is choosing through a set of, for example, hair colors). also, labels can be inside of brackets (choices.)

Hope all this helps and is informative. Good luck! :heart: