Riley's Honest Review Thread

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a honest review thread, so that people can get opinions on their published/unpublished stories.

  1. You must have read and sent me ss(screenshots) of at least 2 chapters read of my story.
  2. You MUST be open to any critiques and any other comments that I have on your story.
  3. This isn’t really a requirement, but if you enjoyed my story, I’d really appreciate it I you were to reccomend it :sparkling_heart: if you reccomend mine, I’ll probably reccomend yours(unless I don’t really like it :wink:).

That’s it! Have fun and here’s my story link:

P.S, I am willing to read up to 3 chapters of your story, just because of because :grin:

You are being judged on 3 things.

  1. Creativity.
  2. Punctuation and grammar.
  3. Sound/music
  4. If I would read the story.

You can earn up to 30 points, Creativity you can get up to 10, Punctuation and grammar up to 10 and sound/music you can get up to 5(in bonus points), If I would like it is up to 5 points.

You must agree to the following.

Do you understand that this is just my opinion and I do not intend to make you feel bad about yourself or your story? Do you realize that I will point out any grammar and Punctuation mistakes in your story?

Waiting list:



Bump :joy:

Hey! I just read your story, and I would like an honest review. ^-^

my proof of reading

my story

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Hey, I’m interested in a review. Pm me here or dm me on insta so we can discuss it. My insta is @raven_author

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@AngelleLamoure I can read it whenever you’d like :sparkling_heart: Just send me proof that you’ve read my story, then I’ll review yours :heart:

@medusa.jett thank you so much! I’m starting to review your story right now! How many chapters would you like reviewed out of 3?

@Raven_author I will PM you, cuz I don’t use Instagram :wink:


3 is perfect, love!! Thanks! :heart:

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Hey! I woud like a review! I wil PM the ss to your dms by today!

Other details are here.

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Awesome :sparkling_heart:

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@medusa.jett your Request has been completed :sparkling_heart:

Creativity: 7 points
Grammar/Punctuation: 9 points
Music: 5 points
If I would read it in the future: 4 points

In total, you got 25/30 points

Now, to my opinion…

I think that the idea of this story was creative and that it was a really good idea for a story. I liked that it had good grammar and a pretty good flow when it came to everything.

Things that I didn’t like were… nothing! I thought that it was a really good story so far :sparkling_heart:

Thanks :grinning:

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Not gonna lie I read NECKOMANKERS from the title in the cover :joy: :joy:


Haha lol sometimes i do that too and i am the author of it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


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