'Riot' Cover Contest

Hiii and welcome to this cover contest! This is most definitely an INK cover contest. The contest starts on the 20th June and will end on the 21st July (just over a month, literally). The winner shall be credited and their cover will be used for the cover of my upcoming story Riot. Not to mention that they can get a role as a side-character (still close to the MC).

Funny, there aren’t any but the fact that all I need is a small cover! So feel free to let your imagination drive you to whatever end!

Just please do comment below so that I know you are entering. I will also post the winner on my Instagram: @episode_kristina



Body: Tan

Brow: Seductive arch

Hair: Straight, black

Eyes: Upturned bold; toffee

Face: oval

Nose: upturned

Lips: Blossom lips; bordeaux

Love interest male

Body: Light

Brow: Straight Bold

Hair: Short cropped; fawn

Eyes: Gentle almond; green

Face: triangle defined

Nose: button

Lips: uneven ; blush

2nd Love Interest male

Body: Tan

Brow: Straight bold

Hair: short cropped; black

Eyes: athletic round; blue

Face: defined triangle

Nose: button

Lips: uneven; blush

Okay, before you ask for the outfit details…there really aren’t any. Just make sure that it looks like an assassin’s attire or what you think an assassin would wear.

Title: Riot

Author Name: Kristina.C

When assassins all over Manhattan start to ‘disappear’ Kaeli knows something is wrong. Little does she realise that to fight this external force, she has to team up with rival assassins to either make or break the underworld of Manhattan.

The genre of the story is going to be action.

If you have any questions, and I mean any, please do feel free to pm or ask me about it here as well! Don’t forget to put how I should credit you under your submission!

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I’m joining.

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joining :sparkles:

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ig ill join!


Hi! I would love to enter, but I have one question: what is the story genre going to be? This may be something cover would depend of! :grin:

Can you kindly specify the eye shape of the love interests. I think there is some mistake.

im gonna join to!
some amazing artists :heavy_heart_exclamation: (sorry if you dont want to be tagged)
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Thank you for the tag!! I might join !!


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Thanks for the tag :slight_smile: don’t know how I got classed as an artist but I’m going join anyway :joy::+1:

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:joy::joy: I was thinking you probably tagged by accident but I’m glad you did thanks xx
I suck as art but it will keep me busy


no problem!! im sure your art is amazing :kissing_heart:


The genre of the story is action, hope that helps

Okay, my bad for the confusion, the first love interest eye shape: gentle almond and the second love interest is athletic round.

I’ll join :slight_smile:

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No problem! I made the edit to the official post as well :blush:

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