Rip Avicii Forever Remembered!

Today the famous, talented and inspirational Tim Bergling, who is better known as Avicii passed away at the young age of 28 today, if you’re like me who is and always will be a huge fan this is where we can remember him. You’ll never be forgotten Avicii! :pray:t3:


I just found out an hour ago, and I screamed.

</3 many tears

I don’t want to sound rude, but its Avicii and not Avicci. :x

Rest in peace. :heart:


Anyone else playing all his hits on repeat after this news? I certainly am. :disappointed_relieved:


yes 100%


I knew I spelt something wrong :heart:

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Happens to all of us. :heart:

What?? How did he die? I love Avicii’s songs so much and was wondering when his next song was coming out!

Doing that rn, currently on ‘Wake Me Up’.

Some sources said that his health wasn’t good and he was having an illness :cry:

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Oh yeah, that’s why he stopped doing live concerts

Aw www… :disappointed_relieved::pensive: :sleepy::disappointed_relieved:

(intense crying)

it would probably make more sense to just Google this but i’ll ask here.

how did he die?:frowning:

he was very very ill.

nooo. he was my Idol. I was obsessed with him and his music he will always have a place in our hearts

It feels like yesterday when I was listening to Lonely Together. RIP Avicii :broken_heart:

I’m glad I saw him live! It was an amazing experience :heart: My heart now :broken_heart::sob: RIP Tim!