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Positioned at the very darkest side of a mountain, the circus of Rittman is home to one of the greatest stationary acts of all time lead by Prudence Rittman. This circus wasn’t built by a mountain by accident, as it keeps it hidden, except for those who deserve to see the circus.
The circus itself looks gorgeous, lights strung up everywhere, gold plated fences, and many interesting acts to see, The Rittman Circus has a lovely atmosphere, at least until you look behind the surface.

In 1934 Twenty people received invitations to enjoy the circus, and all of the people accept. At first, the Circus is fun for all involved, but soon things start turning terrible. People were starting to see through the facade of the circus, they were seeing the true circus.

Prudence Rittman upon realizing that this group of people were seeing behind the facade, decided to start a game of chance, and strategy. If this group could possibly beat Prudence at her own game, they’d all be set free, but if they lost, they’d be trapped at The Rittman Circus forever.

Now Prudence Rittman has invited another group of people, to see her circus, and join her game. Prudence can’t say no to playing a game, so can you win her games, and survive the Rittman Circus?

Sign Up & Chat Rules
  1. If you’re confused about a part on the sign-up please ask me for help instead of writing the wrong thing (Always be safe rather than sorry!)
  2. Please put all ORP or OOC on this thread rather than the actual RP when this starts.
  3. You do not have to reserve a character but! If you do since there might be a limited amount of characters, you’ll have a four-day limit (If you need an extension tell me) to create the character.
  4. If you make more than one character, please beware that one of your characters will be the most likely to get killed off.
  5. Try to find a clear faceclaim, and preferably in modern clothes.

Rittmans Circus Acts - Faceclaim
Sign Up Link
Rittmants Circus - Faceclaims

If you have any questions just ask!

Reserve List:

@Epsd.donut: 1M & 1F
@Ella: 1F
@Madilnel: 1M
@Littlefeets: 1F
@fal.renet1398: 1M
@UltimaW: 1F
@CrazygirldY_dY_dY: 1M & 1F
@EchoRavencroft: 1M
@jdepisode: 1M & 1F
@Kittenlove: 1F
@Alexwrites: 1F
@AnimeOtome: 1F
@ScarletSwanHunter: 1M & 1F
@AlyssaThePretzel: 2M & 1F
@UnicornPlayz.Episode: 1F


Tags List:


Reserve for a male and female!


Reserve a female, very excited for this!!


Reserve a male


Reserve a female please

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Reserve male

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Reserve A Female!

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Could I reserve a male and a female? :smiley:

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Reserve a male, please.

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Male and female fo now

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Reserve a female.

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Reserve a female please!

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Reserve for a female lovely.

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Male and female

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Reserve for 2 males and 1 female.

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Just submitted Violet Anderson ;p
(also, may add some more fears if i think of any, and her age will probably be changed if everyone else is a lot older haha)

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Rittmants Circus - Faceclaims

If anyone wishes to look at the faceclaims ^ there’s so far two characters on it.

Sounds good! If you do decide to add more fears please, pm them to me.


Okay, I’ll make a PM then for me to go to if I want to edit her? Also, will all the characters know each other when the roleplay starts or will they all be strangers?

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Yes, that works.
Strangers. I might allow a couple characters knowing eachother but this rp works better if most of them do not know eachother.

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