Riverdale chat (spoilers)

Okay, so the Riverdale season finale was on last night, and it was AMAZING!

By the way, shoutout to those people who watched the whole season. The beginning sucked, but the ending was actually SO SO SO good!

I made this chat because none of my friends watch Riverdale and it’s kind of upsetting. I can’t rave about all of my opinions on the show sksk. So please, share your opinions here on the latest episodes ( or even season one and two, I don’t care ).

If you’re reply is off topic ( meaning it does not relate to Riverdale at all ) it will be flagged.

And if possible, could we maybe blur spoilers? That would help for those people that haven’t watched season three yet! So beware people, the spoilers are in blurs :wink:

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Hi @princesscamden I will talk about Riverdale with you

Okay, how did you feel about the last episode? Did you like it? I was shooketh haha

I was S H O O K

The ending though! I wasn’t expecting Charles coming back! Like oh my goshhhh. But I kind of expected Chic to be the gargoyle king. It made sense

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yeah i guess.

I wonder if the farm and the gargoyle king are connected somehow. I think they are.

Have you not seen the last episode yet?

Nope, I always watch it in the weekends :stuck_out_tongue:

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