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If you like Riverdale, join this chat. We can talk about all things Riverdale, and make some new friends here too!


Hi my is leshell is meet you


One of my best friends got me hooked on Riverdale! All the drama but I have to say the drama in season 1 was amazing and season 2 was okie and season 3 is just like :woman_shrugging:t5:


poor kevin

‘s all i’m gonna say

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I agree, season 1 was amazing (even though the acting makes me cringe sometimes), but i feel like season 3 is so far fetched… like 1 minute jughead and FP couldn’t get back into Riverdale because there were guards and a massive fence blocking them, and then the next episode they’re back in Riverdale?


I feel like they’re so focused on making it dramatic that none of it even makes sense. Also i feel like they’ve completely ditched building up the characters, Cheryl used to be so badass and now she’s gone really lame, her and Toni are cute but i think they make their characters really cringey

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I haven’t even seen season 3 yet, and they’re renewed for a season 4 :woman_facepalming:t4: I’m patiently waiting for season 3 to be on Netflix.

True it was a lot to try and kinda catch up with I have to admit I didn’t see that coming with his mom tho :rofl:


Didn’t even saw the last episode since my netflix account is suspended. :sob:
But yea, all 3 seasons are very different. And season 3 is…i dunno. There’s so many plot that i don’t even remember half of it. And with the breaks I find it hard to follow and understand. :thinking::thinking:

Hello. Nice to meet you Leshell!

I agree. Do you want to be friends?

Yes we can be friend

I agree

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Thank you

I don’t mind :slight_smile:

thats cool. do you want to me friends?

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Rip Luke Perry :pray:t4:


I know its sad :sob::sob:

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I wanted to cry when I saw the news. He was a good actor

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