Riverdale Featured Story?

(Not even sure if this is in the right category but oh well) Ok so before you go wacko on me, I know this probably will never happen and I know users are not allowed to use characters and a plot from a TV show or movie, based on guidelines. I already know that. But, I had an idea.

I absolutely love the show Riverdale. I also love Pretty Little Liars, so I was super excited when Episode had a featured story. Today I played a bunch of apps similar to episode for fun, and came across one called “What’s Your Story - Ft. Riverdale” where they had a Riverdale story in it and I thought it was super cool. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if they allowed episode to make a story based on it, the same way as PLL? And I’m not talking about a user story. I’m talking about an episode featured story like PLL and Pitch Perfect.

I think this is a cool idea, and while I don’t see it ever happening, because of course they need permission to do so, I just thought it would be a cool thing if it was added to episode. Especially since the show has such a large fanbase and lots of people love it.

Please don’t hate on me for this. I saw a similar thread with someone with the same idea as me and they got a bunch of hate for it. For some reason. They were just sharing their opinion. Again, I’M NOT SAYING IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. I know that it probably won’t. Just thought I’d share my opinion (emphasis on OPINION) to see if anyone agrees with me. My two favourite things would be mixed together, Episode and Riverdale. Does anyone agree?

Edit. Before any of you say, I’m also aware that the show would need to be completed first before the story was made.



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in a good or bad way? :joy:

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Yeah, that sucks. But like I said, I know it won’t ever happen. And as I also said I mentioned the other post @teatime

I’ve only seen snippets of Riverdale. But (regardless of what episode has done before) from what I saw, will Riverdale agree with their guidelines/is it age appropriate?


That’s a good point. To be honest, I’ve only seen a few snippets as well (Haven’t had the chance to watch more) so I couldn’t possibly say either.

Hmm, I prefer the source material to the actual show, but that means I just wouldn’t read it. It wouldn’t affect me if they added it so I don’t have that much of an opinion.

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River dale is kinda trash in my opinion. :wastebasket: And it might be able to fit the age requirements. Idk. They might have to change some things. I mean, they did put Pretty Little Liars, they might can do Riverdale.


Yessss!!! I would love if Episode made a Riverdale featured story. I would DEFINITELY read it.

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me too, I wish they would do it

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That would be super awesome if they did crosses fingers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Only if they did the first season of the show. The rest would suck. If you disagree, you’re a clown. :clown_face:

S1 was pretty good, ngl.


I totally agree. In my opinion season 1 was the only good one

One time Episode made a crappy knockoff of Riverdale


Woah, that’s super weird. Like it’s scary how they tried to copy it so closely. Do you know when this story came out and for how long? It might have been before my time on episode.