Riverdale the show


It’s about two siblings when one of them gets killed they have to find out who the killer is and their is some romance in this to

  1. This should be in the ‘general chat’ section because it’s not about Episode :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. What is this topic for? Do you want to discuss the show?

It’s a really good show but there are parts of it I don’t like. Cheryl is my favourite character :smile:


Omg. I love Cheryl.


yeah i barely watch the show but when i do its for my girl cheryl


I’m creating a story loosely based around her because I love her and the actress that plays her so much :two_hearts: Madalaine Petsch is amazing


Madelaine is an amazing actress thoughhhh :sparkling_heart:


Yeah, I love her youtube channel too. It’s amazing that her and the actress that plays Toni are best friends in real life :smile:


I totally agree! Her youtube channel cracks me up though! :joy:


There s already a Riverdale chat :slight_smile:


Lol all the comments are about cheryl