River's Pose Thread (Open)

River’s Pose Thread (Open)

Hello! I’ve decided to open a pose thread for ya’ll.

I have a request form you can fill out and I’ll try to get back to it at least once every week. This takes time. Please credit me @epi.river on forums, or epi.river on instagram. If you don’t credit me, things will not go good. Just a simple thank you will do! Thank you!

Here’s the link:

Here are some examples of my poses:


Pose one:

Pose two:

Pose three:

Ok, thank you!


bump :hearts:

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Heyyy can I request?

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Yes of course!!

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Could I please have this character and this character in a pose which is romantic please?

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Yup of course! I’m not a home right now but I’ll get it done either today or tomorrow!

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Thank you! :heart::heart:

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Ok, I finally had time to get on my computer! I’ll do it now!

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@Cookies1I just finished! I hope you like it!


I hope this works!

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