Rj's model form!

I’ve recently made a model request form up on my Instagram, and I’ve decided to share it here as well!
Here’s a couple examples of what I do:

Look at my instagram: @/epi_rj for more examples<33

Form down below:)

Model form:)

(And instead of putting your Instagram handle, just use your forums one instead)



Here is a Valentine’s Day edit for bella.h_writes on Instagram!


hey , u work is amazing💞 idm giving my deets

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Tysm! :blob_hearts:

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no problem :heartpulse: ill pm you.

Library themed edit for @ author_sarah on ig :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A “red” edit for a lovely gal on Instagram:))

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just filled out the form and followed u on insta as well <3

ur edits are amazing :blob_hearts:

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Tysmm!! :blob_sun:

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Edit made for @ tre.episodes on Instagram👾

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Forest edit for @ m.h.c.episode on Instagram ;))

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