Road art? if u have one and a overlay of a scratch?

I need a scratch overlay and a road facing forward so I can put a motorcycle on the road to drive somewhere


heres a pic of the bike

Image result for road 1920x1136

Image result for scratch on skin png and a scratch ol

Related image

or this

the scratch is perfect but the road if possible to have buildings on the sides please

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that’s perfect!!
the scratch wont upload though

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neither will the road now?


idk why it doesnt work

show me what your screen says

give me a second

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it says not big enough and its not png

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im already helping her…

@BadassSaasha can someone resixe it

here are some scratch

no credit needed

I will not

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heres one more

and here are some road art

I tried to resize the road with buildings but I cant get it right :thinking:

none of the road pics wont upload :cry: