Road background needed!

I have used the episode car bug in my story, but I now need to drive it down the road.
Does someone have or can create a background that I am able to use for it to travel down?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hope this can help you!

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I’m afraid, i’m looking for something more like this. However, I would love to use both of these potentially in another episode if that’s okay? How would you like me to credit you?

You can check out this website for free images:

Type in “road”, search and see which ones you want to use in your story : )


Thank you :slight_smile:

Would either of these work?

I could do a different landscape just tell me what you’d need.


OMG, yes thank you!
Can you give me something that is with mountains, and gives more of country style vibe? Also with a dark sky as I am going to make it rain.

I appreciate this so much! :slight_smile:

No problem, I love playing around with backgrounds, do any of these work?


Yes, thank you so much!
How do you want me to credit you? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it, happy to help.

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How did you make these :open_mouth: These look amazing!

No need to credit. Only Google if you want! Enjoy!:wink:

I just layered and blended various elements together using Canva, the road I found and cropped from a background from PNGTree, some of the backgrounds are from Episode, the trees and mountains I found on KissPNG. I toodled around with the colors, cropping, size, it’s pretty easy once you find the right elements and it’s fun to play around with. Feel free to use anything you like.

@LiaMina, that’s my biggest concern, actually. Most images (most likely this) from kisspng and pngtree are labelled for personal use. You’re not allowed to share any of the images they’ve used.

And also, credit is required.

For more information, please see this thread:

Thank you.


I’m pretty mindful that the images I use, weather I plan on editing them or not, are labeled for commercial use, the ones that sketch me out more are the ones I find on the forum or other places where users can post things and you never know where they come from. PNGtree has a lot of free commercial use images and they are labeld as such, there are a couple of other sites that I think only have free use stuff you can check out like pixaabay. Canva, the graphic design site I use, also has free images available for commercial projects.

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Phew! I was a bit worried there. Because there are some images people use that are personal use, so I kinda assumed you did too. I hope I did not offend you.

Your backgrounds look wonderful! I’m going to use them.

By any chance can you make me a background with a hotel?
I’m not that fond of the ones that are already on episode. ahah :slight_smile:

Maybe, what do you want it to look like?

No worries, I’m glad you like them, I also post overlays on my sharing thread so feel free to scour that for anything you like.

I honestly have no prefereance, you can create it however you like. :slight_smile: