Road Background Needed

Could anyone make me a creepy road background? I need it for my horror story. Pictures below for reference. I will give credit and follow on Instagram.
Thank you! :black_heart:

You can make these into backgrounds. Go to Google and look up simple image resizer.

Isn’t that copyright?

Depends if it came from a TV show or game yes. But I’ve never had an issue with anything else.

I can probably find one for you to resize though


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Have you tried using Pixabay?

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Thanks @Jes.spencer18
@TamiRose, I have not. What is that?

Will these work for you? It said they were free to use. And no problem girl.

You can’t use just any picture you want. This isn’t true, it’s not only about games or TV shows.

I didn’t say that, I said I haven’t personally ran into any issues. I just know TV shows games etc are the big ones.

I’d love to help you! :wink: @HeatherM97

Just because you never had an issue with it doesn’t make it right.

This person asked:
You literally replied: DEPENDS, if it came from a TV show or a game yes.

But it’s okay, as long as you meant that these are examples :+1:

I didn’t say it was? And that’s because those are the main things that get flagged. Regardless of what I said. I believe she asked for help finding a background and that’s what I got on here and did :grin: so I helped her with that part of it. So now that I’ve helped her, that’s that. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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And yes examples lol, they’re definitely alot of ways to copyright. I just find the ones that say free to use so there isn’t an issue.

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It’s an app, it’s a website too I believe,, where you can download free images to use in your story. You don’t have to worry about copyright or anything :blush:

I found one @Jes.spencer18, I appreciate your help as well.
And thank you so much @TamiRose!

Thank you for the link!

Anytime girl :slight_smile:

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