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A randomly selected group of students from Apple Valley Academy has been invited to attend a Student Conference which a very long ways away from the school. These students can go to earn money for their school (as well as money for themselves) and have fun with other students from around the world. But, it isn’t as fun when they learn that they don’t have enough money to fly. Now their group and their Chaperone are forced to take a 5-Day road trip.

Will you survive being with these people for so long? More importantly, will you survive the horrors that may be following you?

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Chapter 1:

Apple Valley Academy was completely deserted, most of its student gone for fall break. But a few students were still here, wearing their warm jackets as the icy winds blew orange leaves everywhere.

The students stood around, talking to each other or trying to get their parents to leave.

“Hurry up! Get your stuff in the vehicle. We don’t have all day. The sooner we get going the sooner I can be rid of you idiots.” Said a familiar harsh voice from behind the students. Erina Gant. The students all turned to watch, most of them rolling their eyes at her. Of course she had to be one of their chaperones. Her heels clicked as she walked, throwing her bag of clothes and other items at the poor janitor that was helping the students load up.

Ms. Gant taught Science to both the Juniors and Seniors. She was a strict teacher that was always getting in people’s business. She turned back to snarl at the group before walking to the front seat of the car and slamming the small bus door.

The group looked at the door and Ms. Gant for a second before turning back to their conversations with people around them or texting on their phones. But, it didn’t last long before another voice took their attention. Mr. Weaver

“Good afternoon!” Said his loud, enthusiastic voice. Most of the students turned and smiled when they saw him. Mr. Weaver taught math, but somehow still was everyone’s favorite teacher. Even if you hated math, you still loved his class.

“Don’t Mind her.” He fake-whispered, gesturing towards Ms. Gant. “She hasn’t had her coffee this morning yet.” He said and some of the students laughed. In the distance you could hear Ms. Gant shout, “I heard that!” Mr. Weaver chuckled in response.

“Anyway, we’re going to start loading up. You all get accustomed to each other. You are going to be spending a lot of time together.” He said with a small wink, mostly directed to a particular couple standing slightly apart from everyone else.

“We should be leaving soon!”

— - — - —

Ophelia, Emmett and Coen

“It is so cold!” Ophelia said, annoyance dripping in her voice. She hugged her arms around her chest to keep warm. A little ways away, Emmett rolled his eyes. “Stop whining Princess.” He said, looking down at his dog Velvet, who barked at the girl. “Maybe if you weren’t so worried with how you look, you’d actually think to wear a jacket.” Emmett said. He was kinda shocked at what he was saying but didn’t care. Of course the snobbiest popular girl was coming on this trip too.

“There is nothing wrong with being perfect!” Ophelia said, with a dramatic flip of her pink hair. “I’d rather wear my designer clothes over your,” She looked down at the boy’s hoodie, and baggy pants and uncombed hair. “Oversized scraps of fabric.” Emmett just rolled his eyes and Velvet seemed to roll her eyes in annoyance too. Emmett bent down to pet his dog, while subconsciously glaring at Ophelia who had decided to pull out her phone.

“Wait? You’re allowed to bring a dog?” A voice said, confused. Emmett quickly turned around to see a boy who he vaguely recognized as Coen. Ophelia had looked up from her phone.

“See Emmett? It isn’t such a bad thing to try to look good.” Ophelia said, gesturing toward Coen and his outfit. Coen just rolled his eyes, unsure how to respond.

Emmett ignored Ophelia and stood. He nodded at Coen. “I guess so. Isn’t awesome?” He said with a small laugh, while bending down to pet velvet. She panted happily in response.

Coen just rolled his eyes again. He could be spending his time working on something important, but instead he was talking to the pink-haired popular girl and an over enthusiastic dog lover. This was going to be a long trip.

— - — - —

Roderick and Cael

“She’s more pissy than usual isn’t she.” Roderick said coldly, adjusting his leather jacket, gesturing at Ms. Gant. Cael just laughed his signature laugh that Roderick loved so much. Roderick and Cael were standing alone, as far from the group of annoying students as possible. Cael was subconsciously doodling on his arm, and Roderick just smiled watching. It was a good thing they both got to go on this trip together, otherwise they both might explode.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite couple.” Mr. Weaver said as he approached them. The two looked at him with confusion. Roderick just grimaced. Could he have a moment to be alone with his boyfriend before being crowded on a bus for a long time? Cael just gave a small smile.

“Would you two mind helping me load the bus?” He asked.

Cael nodded hesitantly while Roderick bluntly answered “No.”

Mr. Weaver just looked at the two, for a second before turning to Cael. “Well then Cael, Thank you. Follow me.” Mr. Weaver turned to walk away, meaning to lead Cael to the bus, but Cael didn’t follow. He turned to his boyfriend and stared at him with pleading eyes. Roderick rolled his eyes, but couldn’t find himself to say no. He sighed, grabbing Cael’s hand as the two followed Mr. Weaver. Mr. Weaver grinned hearing the footsteps of the couple.

“I knew you’d come along.” Mr. Weaver said with a wink. The three of them got to the bus and started packing up bags and talking. Roderick just stayed glaring at the bags and Mr. Weaver for interrupting his and Cael’s moment, constantly grumbling to himself. Meanwhile, Cael tried to answer Mr. Weaver’s questions about them. Mr. Weaver was a very curious man and loved to be nosy into people’s love life’s. Especially Roderick and Cael’s.

Luckily for Roderick, they finished fast. Mr. Weaver thanked the boy’s for their help and left to go announce to the other students that they were ready to leave.

Cael turned to his boyfriend with a small, contagious smile. “See? It wasn’t that bad.” Roderick rolled his eyes, and folded his arms.

“You’re lucky I love you.” Roderick said staring at his boyfriend, and Cael just laughed reaching up to kiss Roderick and Roderick responded with a small blush, before taking Cael’s hand, the two of them walking into the bus together.

— - — - —

Jessica, Kaitlyn and Hyacinth

“You did pack your astrology textbook right?” Susan Camden, Jessica’s mother asked. Jessica mentally rolled her eyes but didn’t want to show her mother how annoyed she was. “Yes. I did.”

“Okay. You better be studying when you have time.” She added. Jessica nodded.

“Good. Did you-“

“Yes. Yes and yes.” Jessica said, slightly annoyed. “You can go home and I’ll just go talk to… people…”

Jessica quickly stepped away from her mother to the two nearest people, which just so happened to be Hyacinth and Kaitlyn.

“Hey.” She said in a friendly manner.

“Are you… avoiding something?” Hyacinth asked.

“What if I am?” Jessica said, folding her arms. Why was she acting like this? Her mother sometimes just made her angry like that.

“Can we help…?” Kaitlyn asked in her typical friendly manner.

“No. I just need to get away from my parents for a little and this trip should be enough.” Jessica responded, happy to be rid of the science and her parents constant pressures. Cynthia and Kaitlyn nodded in understanding.

The three girls looked at each other, not sure what to say. They were never really close friends. Not because of anything specific they just never talked.

Suddenly the awkward silence was broken by a phone loudly ringing, it was Jessica’s. She looked at it to find an unknown number.

“Don’t know who this is. Anyone want to answer it?” She asked, holding out the phone. Cynthia shrugged and grabbed the phone, putting it on speaker.

“Hello this is Barry’s Burger Joint. How may I serve you?” Cynthia said.

“Cynthia? Is this really a time to play games?” The female voice asked in a creepy tone. Jessica and Kaitlyn looked at Cynthia with a weirded out look and Hyacinth replicated it. She decided to proceed with caution.

“Hey this is Jessica’s phone. I think you may have the wrong number?” Cynthia added, but it came out more as a question then a statement. Cynthia wasn’t an uncommon name right?

“I am aware of that, and while I expected Jessica to answer, I can pick up your voice with ease dearest Cynthia.” Her eyes went big at hearing this. This was weird…

“Who is this?” Kaitlyn broke in. You could nearly hear the female voice smirk through the phone.

“Oh Katie. Coming in to join the party?” They said. “It is so lucky that all of you are together!”

The three of them were thinking of some way to respond to this creepy phone call, or debating with their eyes with each other about hanging up. But, they heard Mr. Weaver calling them.

“Okay, creep we have to go.” Jessica said, going to press the precious end call button.

“Fine. Go to your master. But, we’ll speak again.”

The call ended and the girls stared anxiously at each other, before turning to walk to the bus.

— - — - —

Lisette and Tyler

Lisette had wanted to approach her friend, Emmett but had noticed the drama he had gotten himself into so she avoided it, not in the mood to clean up his problems. So, she stood against a tree and decided to watch the boys that were helping load the car up.

“Hey Lizzy.” She looked up to see Tyler walk up to her.

“It’s Lisette.” She corrected as politely as possible.Tyler merely nodded.

“Yes. Yes, of course.” He said. “I’m Tyler.” He introduced with a dramatic bow.

“I know.” Lisette replied. She was intrigued and her sense of adventure was the main thing that was keeping her from walking away from this weird boy.

“So, are you excited for the trip?” He asked, leaning against the tree.

“I guess so.” She responded. “It should be exciting, if you don’t count the being stuck in a car for hours.” She said with a small laugh thinking about it.

“I think the car ride would be fun.” Tyler said enthusiastically. “I mean, we can eat snacks, watch movies, talk, play g-“ He started, before Lisette interrupted him.

“Shh-“ She said, placing her hand over his lips.

“What?” He whispered in complete confusion.

“Didn’t you hear that?” Lisette said. She definitely heard something, like a tree branch breaking like happened in all the horror movies.

“It was probably nothing.” Tyler said, stepping away from Lisette’s shushing hand. But, doing so, he notice a figure lurking in the trees behind them. Lisette noticed him staring and followed his gaze. It was a man.

“What is he doing here? AppleValley Academy is private property, and a close campus.” She said, folding her arms. Both Lisette and Tyler could agree that this man looked somewhat familiar but couldn’t place exactly why. But, the hood he was wearing over his head might’ve made it difficult to make out who it was. But their attention was quickly drawn away from the man when they heard Mr. Weaver call them over.

— - —


“Okay students! We are ready to load up!” Mr. Weaver announced. The boy’s that were helping him load up had already entered the motor coach and took the farthest seat in the back as they could. They were talking quietly while Cael traced drawings in Roderick’s palm.

Everyone else came shuffling in. Emmett took the seat by the window and Lisette joined him soon after, happy that a friend was coming on this trip too. She took a few glances at Tyler, thinking about the odd man they’d seen but it was probably nothing. Cynthia, Kaitlyn and Jessica took seats next to each other and began quietly, and nervously whispering about that weird phone call. The others just filled in the gaps.

Mr. Weaver walked in a few moments later and took a seat, while Ms. Gant stood up to address the students. It was obvious by her slightly messed up hair that she had just woken up from a extremely short nap.

“We will be departing soon and we will be driving most of today, with a few breaks in between so get comfy.” She said, folding her arms impatiently. “Find something quiet to do, or so help me I-“ She started.

“If you get bored, I’ll be playing games in the front and you are welcome to join me.” Mr. Weaver said, in a somewhat joking, yet somewhat serious manner.

“Before we head off we have some important information to get through. We’ve been given 1000 Cresents

(Author’s Note)

Cresents are the currency of our mythical, unnamed country.

to spend on food, hotels and other things. This does not include the money we need to get gas for the vehicle.” Ms. Gant explained. “So don’t be stupid with it.” When she finished her speech, she sat down and curled up in a ball in the seat, and her peaceful snoring was heard not soon after.

The bus jolted forward and the students were on their way. To adventures, and dangers they didn’t yet know were coming.

They chatted, played on their phones and gossiped. A game of Truth or Dare (with a few people reluctantly joining, or avoiding the game and the players all together) had started but ended abruptly when they woke the cranky Ms. Gant up and she’d threatened to stop the bus and make them walk home, and give them an F in her class for good measure.

Hours had past, and even though it was bright out, just sitting there for hours had made people grow tired. Cael had fallen asleep (him staying up way too late the night before), and cuddled up next to Roderick. Roderick watched his sleeping boyfriend with loving eyes, and when realizing Cael was cold, skillfully took off his leather jacket to let Cael use it as a blanket.

Jessica, to avoid sleeping, took a sip of the coffee from her travel thermos. It didn’t seem like much, until Mr. Weaver bolted out of his seat and went to Jessica and her travel thermos. Almost with scared, worried eyes he asked her, “Is that- Is that alcohol?” He asked. Jessica, and everyone else who was listening in looked at the teacher confused.

“No. It’s coffee.” Jessica explained, as if Mr. Weaver was crazy. Why would she bring alcohol, on a school trip, in a travel thermos?

“Oh…” Mr. Weaver said in embarrassment. “It’s just my uncle always had alcohol in a travel thermos just like that. It… well… never turned out well.” Mr. Weaver said nervously. He sighed. “Just don’t drink alcohol at your age. And in the future if you decide to, be smart about it. Okay?” He said, Jessica nodded, and many others on the bus did too as if he was directing the advice toward them.

Then, Mr. Weaver returned back to his seat, and the students just watched with intrigue. That was odd. The awkward mood that came from the situation lingered for a while. Finally, the bus came to a jerky stop, waking some of the sleeping students up.

Mr. Weaver stood up, his same happy self. “Now who’s hungry?” He said excitedly, and the students responded in their own way, whether it was cheering or their involuntary grumble of stomach.

“Well. We have two options for lunch.” Mr. Weaver explained. “What do we want to do?”

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