ROAD TRIP sign ups


So, you and your other friends all finally raised the money to go on this road trip you all have been jumping out of your seats to go on. Where to? All over the United States, trying to go through as many states as you can and seeing the biggest landmarks in the time you have,and spending the night camping out in the stars. You all have your few similarities, and some of you flirtatious and outgoing, while some being sweet, quiet, and charming, and going on the road is going to have its struggles here and there, so you have to get along better than ever to make it through this trip. And according to stereotypical teen movies, feelings for each other will form, and hatred for one another may boil. Don’t let that get you down about the trip though. Just live out your lives with heart and adventure and the feeling that you traveled cross-country in an RV.

  • :slight_smile: be nice.

  • Please star out or blur cussing because I don’t want to f.cking come after you with a stick. muahaha

  • sexual scenes! Fade in… and out.

  • drinking and drugs/smoking is fine just don’t be drunk always

  • if theres too many girls I will ask for people to make a girl and boy
    sign up!




Same character. Clair, same story.
She’s gonna be trans. And look the same. Same faceclaim


okay im making a sign up rn


I’ll do Sophia from Auror high


Of course I’ll sign up!! Yaya


lol I forget her bio and what not eh I’ll re make it completely but personaility will staysomewhat the same.


okay form is open!


Wait, do they need to be from from other RPs?


no!! make them how ever you want


Than reserve for one female please!


I’ll reserve one male and one female for now… I need Beau… haha… lol


reserve one female


Same Faceclaim. Here it is for easy access.




Submitted like 1-3 hours ago


for everyone, ages should be like 17-19 because they all just graduated from high school soooo
and they haven’t gone to college yet so for the future you could say “go to ____ university”


ok 19 then


do you want to change her future plans or