Roadtrip story/Advices, opinion?

Hey guys,
Lately I was thinking about creating a story about a group of friends going on a roadtrip
I don’t want my story to be based on romantic relationships
But there will still be exploitable romances
The group will not always be the same, they will meet people, join others, stay for a few days in certain places.

But I don’t know which direction the story will lead us to.
Advice, recommendations, should I drop the idea?


Hmmm…why not?

Seems like a good start. You need to shape it!

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I am really stuck on what I want to tell in this story, what will be the psychological developments, what is the end, what is this story for, the purpose. :thinking:

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Then start with answering these questions you just wrote :slight_smile: Also, dm me if you think I could help

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Roadtrip stories are easy! Where do the characters want to end up, why, and what stops do they make along the way? Roadtrips are the perfect outline for your story. Come up with some interesting events they can do (tourist traps, weird discoveries, meaningful friendship moments, insanity from being trapped in a tiny car, etc.).

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