Roast match lmaoooooooooo +school related things +sunburns


I’m starting school tomorrow and I have this weird feeling in my stomach. I feel nervous and excited and scared. Whenever I get this feeling I can’t sleep too well. Do you guys have any tips on sleeping better? I would appreciate the help.


I don’t really sleep, so can’t help you on that one.


Okay so I started a bit earlier but I can give tips!

Try to think about the people you can see again. Think of how you are going to ace your tests. All the potential in this new grade. You are also 1 step closer to graduation!




honestly no lmfao I am an absolute mess. My first day of HS I went to bed at 2:00 am which is actually getting better for me. I have a really hard time sleeping when I get anxious and I am struggling with the exact same thing! All I can say is good luck! Do you have an outfit planned out?


I’ll do that. Thank you :heart:


Haha :joy::joy::joy:




Yeah, it really is a struggle. Thank you! And yes, I planned my outfit but it took a long time for me to decide. I bet I’ll choose something else tomorrow :joy:


For some reason I don’t really need sleep to be energized and think clearly. I don’t know why but it’s true.


Ooh it was fun to have my outift planned! It helped me want to go to school


I get really cranky without my sleep. I start yelling (more) at my brother :joy:


Lol same


Yeah it makes me feel happier!


Eh I am usually cranky


I’m on 24)7


No you aren’t lol.




Well kinda until my parents wake up


Yeah so not 24/7 lol