Rock background needed

I’m needing a background made of a rock with a bunch of handwritten names on it. The rock is on a cliff and is wherekids go to hang out and they sign their name when they do. This is the cliff

And around the rock could you possibly put a ton of beer cans and cigarettes spread out

Please credit me if you use it, thanks!

I was looking more for an up close of a rock that has names all over it with the beer cans and cigarettes all around it. I was just showing the cliff that the rock would be on I didn’t want the stuff on the cliff itself.

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Oh, okay. I’ll redo it. So is the rock on this cliff you see in the middle (where I put the names) Or on the left (where there are cigarettes or beer bottles?)

Maybe like this? I don’t really know what you want so I made two more:

Like the first one thank you!

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