Rock Band Animations and Overlay Help

Hey, so I’m doing a story where I need characters playing instruments like electric guitars and drums. I understand how to use overlays and have the ones I think I need. I just don’t know how to make them look like they’re playing them, since there aren’t official animations for it. How would you do it? Also, how do I deal with an overlay moving and issues with layering, like the body of a guitar being in front of a character, but their hand in front of the guitar?

Should I just use the bass guitar for the electric guitars as well? Or do you think that’s super noticeable?

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I could imagine that for example the animation brush_horse_loop_rear and dj_headbob_loop might work for a keyboard (is there one as well?) and that the dustoff_neutral_loop and dance_club_happy_loop could maybe work for the drums… as you need a special guitar (electric guitar/bass you could try animating an arm overlay (but maybe there is even an electric guitar prop and then you could just use the guitar animations :tipping_hand_woman: )

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if it is LL there are guitar animations icluging the guitar props

Yeah, the problem is that the characters are supposed to be playing electric guitar. Acoustic doesn’t really work with the style of music it is.

in thst case you will need to use the air guitar animation and put infront of him an overlay - unfortunatelly there is no way how to make one of the hand be above the overlay if there isnt a prop - unless you will zoom and use limb overlay.

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