Rock My World Limelight

Hoping to gain more reads on one of my newest stories, not sure why this one is being ignored more so than the others…

After a chance encounter with a Rockstar, and a proposition, you can not resist, it propels you into a world you could only dream of. Can you make it last? LL CC/Choices/ART SCENES.


Hey, are you interested in a R4R?

I don’t really have a lot of time, I am currenly writing 4 stories :frowning: sorry

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Hey, I have actually been able to free up some time, if you are still interested in doing R4Rs?

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I am :two_hearts:

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I am still awake :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in a 4x4? 4 chapters for 4 chapters?

sure :slight_smile:

Lovely :upside_down_face: :two_hearts:

Story Title: Dancing with Danger
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Description: When fate intertwines you with a mysterious man who holds the power of life and death in his eyes, danger becomes unavoidable. Can you survive Him? What will you uncover along the way?

This is a story full of mysteries, plot twists, and even action. The main character, Emma’s life flipped upside down when she met him but had no idea how much her life would change forever. Will she come to terms with the writing on the wall?

Chapters: 1-3 are out now!
Choices: :heavy_check_mark:
LI: Male 1
Style: LL
MC: Female
Music & Sound: Yes
Status: Ongoing
Diversity: Yess
My IG is @honeybee_writes

I feel one screenshot of each chapter and one at the end should be enough. Do you agree?

absolutely. that is what I usually do, although I have been known to do more lol

Ok that’s completely fine :two_hearts: and I can do more as well :heart: Does your story contain gems?

yes, support the author, as well as a couple of outfit choices, but I don’t know if they are in the 2nd or 3rd episode, I might wait until later this afternoon to read your story, I don’t know, I’ve been up all night writing a new chapter and it’s starting to get to me. Would that be ok if I did it later?

Sure, just let me know, I’m ready when you are and we can start when you get back :two_hearts:

On the term of gems, would you be interested in a 5x5? 5 gems for 5 gems? It’ll help us both rank better. :heart:

yes, I still have a bunch of gems, so I am down for that.

Great :two_hearts: let me know when :hugs:

I’m up now, all I need is to run out and get coffee, as soon as I am back I am going to read your story.

Ok lovely, I will start your story now :two_hearts:

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I’m trying to find your story on the app, I don’t have the forums on my phone, what is your pen name?

nvm I found it.