Rolayne's story review and text overlays shop! (REVIEW SHOP OPEN 02/14/2020)

Hello everyone! I decided to open a review shop to help aspiring authors in improving the quality of their stories. :revolving_hearts:

Aspects I can help you with.
  1. Plot
  2. Character Building
  3. Story Description
  4. Grammar
  5. Flow of the story

Name it! I’d be happy to help.

The request form can be found here:

Have a good evening/day, everyone!


1. If you’re in a rush, this is not the review shop for you. It might take a while for me to review your story because I also have my life outside episode, but rest assured, I’ll get the review done.
2. Learn how to take constructive criticisms. Review shops are existing to help you improve the quality of your story.
3. One request per person a month.

That’s it everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you submitted a request, comment anything on this post with the password: Rolayne’sReview


Hey do you review published stories?

Yes I do. :slight_smile:

I would love to read your review of my contest story. How should I submit my story?

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The request form can be found here. :>

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Submitted my form. :blush:

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Thanks for the thread, I’ve just sent my request!


Just bumping.

Bump! :heart:

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