Role Play for Everyone


Hi! Since I’m too lazy to make any sign-ups or faceclaims, u can just role play anytime.

Like any other role play, don’t do this and don’t do that. (If u don’t know the rules, I recommend u go to see what the rules r in other role plays.)
U can have up to 2 characters.

U r invited to a school that is famous for everything. Studies, Arts, Sports, Music etc. But it isn’t as perfect as it seems. What secrets r hidden in this school?
U can even have free food and drinks there at anytime! Or stay up, party, or whatever.

Because I didn’t put any sign-ups, pls put your character name, whether they r a student or a teacher, and which group they r in (studies, arts, sports, music etc.) when u r RPing.


Hello there,
Congratulations for getting accepted in the best school ever.
I hope you have a good time in this school.
U can pair up with anyone in a dorm and do anything. There will be free food and drinks for you at anytime.
S Headmaster
Orp: This is the letter saying that u got accepted.


Orp: Just bored lol






Is this a thing or is it just something you made because you were bored?




@Jeremy or @Ryan do u mind closing this thread? I just made another rp and I don’t need this anymore. Thnx